Xiao Jun breakdown of the master to face the 6 natural enemies

webmaster is a more special group, and often speak of webmaster this word will be very natural to think of grassroots webmaster, because this name may be closer to our actual situation. Of course, because each person’s own different website development are different, some Adsense website development is very good, very beautiful, some owners still started, in order to make the site development better, and work hard.

there are a lot of people to the webmaster described as "get up earlier than chicken, sleep later than a dog, do more than cattle, eat worse than pig", although it looks more jokes, but in fact it seems that this is a true portrayal of the majority of grassroots webmaster, also reflects the grassroots hardships and difficult, because as a webmaster also needs to face many enemies.


1, time.

In fact, this

can not write in, but it is compared to the actual situation, it seems the webmaster is busy, sometimes even don’t know is true or false busy busy, I just feel that not enough time was. Although all know that time is like water in a sponge, there is always a squeeze, but more time is the problem of reasonable allocation.

2, money.

last year saw an Internet survey report, the report shows that 42.2% of the webmaster has no income, 58% of China’s webmaster monthly income in 500 yuan or less, can say, webmaster living environment worrying. Although most of the webmaster is not a full-time webmaster, but from a practical and long-term point of view, if the site does not have any income, perhaps the owners of passion and motivation for the site will gradually subside, until the site. Light from the development of independent blog, you can see a certain rate of rise and decline.

3, opponent.

with the development of the Internet, the website of the rise speed is getting faster, a domain name with a space program, a new website was born, also let the development of the site to more differentiation, such as products, services and other sites to do the intensity of competition is also growing, although the competition is the motive force of development, but also to some extent make website development difficult.

4, myself.

says that the greatest enemy is himself, and that is true. The development of the website operators need, need promotion, planning, technology and so on, these accumulated enough to let the webmaster to drink a pot, eventually falls when webmaster, webmaster can find their own direction and execution system, and so on, the development prospects are to decide the site.

5, search engines.

this is mainly from the SEO point of view, most of the site’s traffic source is still relatively dependent on search engines, so the site needs to do SEO, do promotion to get traffic, so that more people know their own

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