Series two easy answers to several web developments

with the Internet development, provide local information, service, classified information and other content of the local sites like bamboo shoots after a spring rain developed, as a person, I am very optimistic about the local website, relative to the individual owners, management of local website can play personal webmaster technical advantages, but also can avoid the lack of funds this short board. Through friends and exchange, find local websites in the development process is very easy to meet people gathering, attacks and other problems, so what can we do to avoid this situation, in order to avoid risks, the steady development of the purpose of


1. how to deal with the acquisition of

local website information is limited, acquisition is a necessary means for many new sites to start. They worked hard to accumulate information overnight by others acquisition in the past, more exasperating is what update, he collected what, slowly search engine, users are their own data to lure the past. If it is a master of optimization, then even worse, the original site of their own website, was optimized to "original article", how a gas


to deal with this situation, we must attach great importance to the eradication of such sites in the bud. Moral condemnation and technical prevention should be taken. Why do you want to destroy in the bud, because once the collector tasted the sweetness, then let him stop collecting, it is difficult. First of all, make a solemn statement on your website, mobilize the masses, and make public statements condemning the collectors. Over time the initiative and gathering contact, generally collected heart who are relatively weak, afraid of people came to the door, the door to find not arrogant, and collect in a calm mood, actively looking for a new direction for the development of his website, in order to fundamentally solve the problem. As for technical prevention, rookie useful, master is not necessarily, and this can try.

2. how to deal with attacks

Speaking of the

, I had a headache, I didn’t stop what traffic, but there are still many competitors in place, always received from time to time DDOS attacks, in this case, I take the policy of appeasement, basically the local webmaster do QQ friends, usually more exchanges, to link what never regardless of what PR, ranking, sincerely treat each individual, friends, is virtuous. If the head, may be the final result can only be a lose lose.

3. how to deal with spam advertising

do BBS know, if the management is not good, it is junk advertising everywhere. But advertisers also have classification, and some foreign businesses, such as Guangdong, a lot of junk advertising, treat this kind of advertising, my attitude is resolutely delete, in my BBs send an advertisement firmly sealed account. Another kind is the local businesses advertising, these are potential users of the website, a website without concern of businesses would not be a good website, my approach is to get in touch with them, for they advertise on my website.

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