How to make women’s money cosmetics and other electricity supplier practical strategy

woman good money, then the Jews saying things that are already well known in today, but have not thought about why women earn? What are the common traits in the character before shopping? Share this practical guide in the boat, we have to look for the source.

can be exploited by female thinking habits:

1, emotional;

everyone knows that women love love is emotional, not a glance; we do network marketing, advertising and packaging on the specific mention now, marketing whether grasping their products on "pain points"; found them as female characteristics inevitably some problems exist, such as: lose weight beauty, chasing fashion, gossip and so on;

2, the target is not strong;

women are keen on shopping, shopping and culture not to say, to the theme of the ride, why keen on shopping? Because there is no goal, if the goal and ran away, there is no love shopping this statement, there are other such as heart satisfying demands, but it is undeniable that the target is not strong is indeed a key;


3 follow suit;


movies, TV drama hot, the drama products will trigger a wave of shopping spree, merchants have also xiaojiannaodai their products set up, this is only one, most notably and beautiful to say, don’t say their status, the two brands but thousands of girls love half alive.


Reds fans, often one or two beautiful plane models his life as a beautiful hair, her dress, the use of products often can cause the girls in our business also has a fresh and classic case of a women’s clothing store three crown Elwing; they often focus on the boat, so bring many, no way and especially beautiful girl’s temperament is very attractive.

well, here’s the point. How do we make use of this? How do we use these feminine thinking habits to sell feminine attributes, such as cosmetics,


, A, high-end positioning, series packaging;

high-end positioning, product pedigree, if not the door, also want to pull on the relationship with the family, "world garden" said the Swiss, European civilization of Greece, leading Asia culture in Japan and South Korea and so on; Han clothing, including AFU oil is a classic case of


starry don’t say the name of the easy way out, said advertising package did not have time to go to South Korea, Han clothing "this occasion packaging is sharp ah; AFU oil" technology to provide Greece AFAROTIZA company, France FCWLI group is responsible for the development and testing of the occasion to position, have to say much; the boat had first to salute under God carved here, for a >

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