How can you avoid embarrassing round trip

if it is not mentioned today that "easy letter", I would like to ask around friends, there are a few real "easy letter" as a daily means of communication, I think the number will certainly not be too much. Facing WeChat and the competitors who are so close to the mountain, the situation is very dangerous. Even if there is support from operators, it is still difficult to shake the market for a larger scale. There are objective reasons, but also subjective reasons.

in fact, the letter at the beginning of the line still has unlimited potential, and some selling points now still seem to have an impact. First, easecredit has direct support and help the telecom mobile and China Unicom, so the use cost is the lowest in similar products, and help operators can greatly reduce the easecredit marketing costs for land reclamation to establish early users is very helpful.


, in addition to telecommunications, NetEase was also so easy to believe in the development of Internet technology has created some of the channel genes, the use of resources, as well as the brand compared to other communication products have more advantages. Moreover, the introduction of some user traffic can also be entirely influenced by the NetEase.

third, although the former WeChat so tenacious opponent, but the teacher of the car from WeChat, a public platform operators function lessons and some immature place can become the focus of future development of easy to believe, but the letter has real use to these advantages, find friends with speech recognition, the user opens the password to unlock easy letter, friends can chat, send free voice and text chat, pictures of wing easecredit are different from the market characteristics of most products.

is there, but the advantage does not mean that all attempts will be rewarded, easy to believe the current day activity compared to just launched a great decline, although the official said the 5 million users daily activity, but the real data we now have not mastered, but from the surrounding the situation, easecredit can really achieve steady growth is still a big question.

Some features of

easecredit social is indeed some of the highlights, but compared to the social aspects of a more mature WeChat, easecredit has attracted about its users do not have too much of a threat, because easecredit social function in the blind pursuit of specialization at the same time, and no detailed research on the needs of the mainstream market. 84 in the webmaster for a very simple example, easy to believe and not just some video calls, voice chat, blindly to communicate by sending voice, efficiency and convenience and is not very ideal, and free calls easecredit is a special form of call for transfer, the other in don’t know your account, it is easy to this speech as harassing phone calls and shielding, easecredit features so it really became a pain point. Not only that, in the social function, to ensure the safety of easecredit give users is not high, WeChat and friends need to verify, and easy to believe with friends and not strict verification process, it is easy for some marketers in the user’s life circle moment >

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