deas dried up blog station experience sharing

blog – this is every webmaster get the primary chain, the most effective means of today’s article to share, I for one year is how to use blog, think of where I write, you can learn the wrong place, leave a comment, we jointly improve.

number 1: I’m using blogs for those sites,

now I opened almost all the big web blog, Baidu space, Sina blog, news blog, NetEase, Sohu, Phoenix blog blog blog, mainly these, too much, too busy, of course there is just some weight high blog, you can also open.

second: how do blogs need to be raised?

The ultimate goal of

blog is to feed the spider, the chain increased, so we need to constantly updated content, update the new content, the spider love original content, low repeat content, only in this way can you have a blog, can let you to blog articles in

more meaningful!The frequency of updates

blog is updated once a day 1-7, I in this year, except when they do not have access to the Internet, almost every day to update my blog, each blog article two / day, regardless of the weather. You may ask you to update every day so what content?? listen to me explain ~

Internet unlimited resources, the content is infinite, but most of the content is very high degree of repetition, the contents of the basic meaning for us, so, I never go to the release of the waste of time. I posted almost half of the first episode!


careful friends will pay attention to a problem very much in the A5 submission member, has been edited basic audit is original to release, but when you publish an article, an hour "double quotes" Baidu search will find the title, not only in A5, will appeared in many other stations. The truth that you??? A lot of people every day staring at a member of the A5 article, what A5 has released the first time, they also keep up! This is repeated in the Internet is almost 0 degrees, so the search engine more love!! this is also reflected from the side

why A5 weight high!

I am this kind of person, every day staring at several specific sites, what update their first time, what I immediately updated on the blog, the title change, the content is used, a great engine, the content of course content in love! Don’t forget to put on your links, anchor etc..

third: don’t act blindly,

do you remember the previous day Sina blog shielding Baidu spider storm? This event shows that the major websites on blog stand is hated, many webmaster blog was closed. We webmaster and blog site should be mutual understanding, mutual concessions, common development can! How do I do?