Xwebhosting discount code using tutorials detailed illustrations

has recently bought a large number of IX hosts, and although IX has launched Chinese pages, the purchase process is still in english. So the author here mainly explains how to use the discount code to get the lowest price to buy.

first of all, let me introduce IXwebhosting. Founded in 1999, IXwebhosting provides reliable security and services to its customers’ web sites. IXwebhosting is well known for its free provision of independent IP, which is rare in a virtual host, as most hosts charge a fee of 2-3 per month for each independent IP. Depending on the host scenario, IXwebhosting provides 2 to 15 independent IP addresses, with no extra charge. This is very useful for websites that require dedicated IP addresses. In addition, each program also offers at least one free domain name.

tip: use the privilege code, you must use a dedicated link to enter, otherwise the privilege code is not normal use.

discount code 1:discount20 – discount 20%, this coupon applies to the IXwebhosting Business plus / UNLIMITED PR program for one year, two years, three years.

discount code 2:discount10 – discount 10%, applicable to the IXwebhosting EXPERT program for one year, two years, three years.

purchasing process illustration:

1, click on the link above, will enter the home page of IXwebhosting.


2, click SIGN UP, enter the product selection page. What I choose here is the one year Windows unlimited space, send 3 domain names and 15 independent IP.


3, in the product selection page, will pop-up registration or login prompt. In general, select Create a, new, account, and then click the button continue ordering to go back to the product selection page.


4 now enters the confirmation page, where you can fill out the discount codes. Click the button below to display the preference code entry bar. Enter discount20, and then click the apply button.



5, and then you can see the order >

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