20 questions you must pay attention to when choosing a web host


ha ha, since you’ve opened this article, I guess you’re a Web developer nine times out of ten. Although the development of web host problems than to consider more interesting, but the host choice is indeed a very important thing, not be too hasty, otherwise no end of trouble for the future.

this article points out the 20 problems you must pay attention to when choosing a website host, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

1 capacity


chooses a host, the first thing you consider is "how much data can I store?" for most of the small and medium websites, there are enough G capacity. Some hosts provide hosts with unlimited space (mainly foreign hosts), which is deceptive. Read their terms of service carefully, and they tend to say, "yes, we provide unlimited hosting, provided you have to be a" normal "site. But what is a normal web site? That’s all for you. Therefore, it is more reliable to select and configure the host capacity.

in particular, it is important to note that some domestic hosts calculate the database capacity and the page space capacity separately.

2 bandwidth (traffic)

bandwidth is sometimes called traffic, and capacity two concepts easy to mix. Capacity refers to the hard disk space you have, such as 100MB, and you can store only 100MB pages, data or multimedia files at most. Bandwidth refers to the total capacity of your host to allow users to upload / download within a given period of time (usually a month). For example, you have a 1MB page on your host, and when you check the page 1000 times, you generate 1G traffic (bandwidth).

if the capacity is full, then you can’t upload new files at most. But if the bandwidth is depleted, the host will prohibit visitors from visiting your site and will not be able to stop until next month when the bandwidth is zero. Therefore, you must always pay attention to bandwidth consumption and remain redundant in bandwidth selection in response to an outbreak of traffic.

3 domain / subdomain number

for many primary users, they build only one site, and 1 domain names are enough. But there is no guarantee that they will not build more website future, or set up sub domain in the current site. So try to choose a host that allows you to bind multiple domains / subdomains, leaving room for future growth.

4, Email accounts and functions

many hosting providers provide Email account functionality for users, and you can create mailboxes with your own domain name. If you want the host to provide this feature, you should be aware of the number of accounts you are allowed to create, whether you have an online Email control panel, whether you can and Gmail, and whether to support POP3 mail.

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