How do webmasters run an online community

November 21st, jointly organized by the whip Niu Shi and Sohu IT public program web series of training camp thirty-first was held in the office of whip Niu shi. The current guest is TOM online product director, such as wind. As far as the theory and practice of community operation are concerned, members of the association have conducted in-depth exchanges with the members of the whip club. The following is a written record of the current training camp:


, the veteran of the world, has played an important role in the development of the first Chinese community in the world. After the Sohu, the Sohu community has become one of the strongest platforms in the web portal. Now in the TOM for user oriented personal application products, there are many places worth learning.

: I think just the wind a little me, I actually age is not large, with everyone’s age; I had 6 and a half years Internet work, the time is long because of the Chinese education is not too cold, out of school early. By chance, I have the opportunity to start internet work in tianya. Thank the whip Niu Shi gave such an opportunity to communicate with others and share community operation. Today I will start with the basic and core elements of the community, as well as the needs analysis theory applicable to the community, coupled with my own experience, and share it with you.

ahead of that point, I work from community actually have some time, so I say a little more of what may be the theoretical level, the actual operation of the things will talk a little more.

I prepared a simple PPT, will be issued in the whip Niu Shi, we hope to have some help.

basically say "three" today.

the first is about the elements and structure of the community, in the hope that it will help you in community products, operations, marketing, analysis, and so on. This analysis is also a refinement of my experience in the Internet over the past few years, plus the experience of being a community. The second is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, from my personal experience of community, and my own learning and understanding of relevant theories, I think the theory of the online community should be the most effective theory and analysis tools, is the most noteworthy theory. The third one is that I will tell you how I did it for the pages of Tianya and Sohu. I will talk about Tianya Tianya by talk of operation, and the history of wine and media Sohu arena; I will talk about the hottest time of the novel version and Zhenwofengcai the two.

on the elements and structures of communities

elements about the community. It will mention the basic features of the Internet. In our computer course, a key aspect of the first lesson about the Internet is the composition of the network, which includes nodes and links. This is the basic feature of the network. It is a very complex network topology, connected by countless nodes through links. From the point of view of community operation, it can also be thought and analyzed in the community environment. I feel in society

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