Website soft Wen promotion to choose the place and then contribute

website promotion is always the webmaster most concerned about, a website has a good promotion plan, its Internet career will be plain sailing. Needless to say, many webmaster know several ways of website promotion, is nothing more than advertising, running party, text, QQ group promotion and so on, in all the way of promotion, only the promotion of soft Wen is the highest price, is the webmaster the most convenient method.

soft Wen promotion effect is very significant, the most conducive to the new promotion planning, soft writing requires owners to be short, clear, not long winded, otherwise the effect is not good. The best webmaster can write about the real experience of their own practice in the write text, does not require the writer how wonderful, just grab a center to write, know what to write, let other owners or users in saw the article can learn knowledge from the article, such soft Wen is the best. This text is not only conducive to the search engine spiders crawling speed, shortening, and each big website or users will be reproduced, replies and comments on their website promotion, can achieve a multiplier effect.

at the same time, the soft writing must be the original article, a copy or patchwork of pseudo original soft, the promotion effect is certainly not good, not only a waste of time in the editor will not be like this, the webmaster can not to write, is useless to spend time doing no meaningful.

soft writing in the course of the first can do some articles in the title, for example, there is always some Adsense online articles on the home page to add their own name or the name of the site, such as the "Scholar: borrow Baidu encyclopedia the popular keyword flow into his own website", "Jiang Likun: how to use the SNS station network promotion," "SEO College: search engine optimization of the structure of the station" and so on, so in the title to do publicity; secondly, or that sentence, content is king, there is no good content of the article is not likely to attract people to write articles, must have their own characteristics, with their own unique perspective to write. Finally, the webmaster in the article inserted their links, in the middle of the article to join the effect is the best, the webmaster can go to try.

a soft written, and the most important thing is how to go out and promote it. Webmasters must want to search engine fast included, have been reprinted. Then I introduce a few free soft text promotion place, and we hope to have some help.

1, Chinaz, station

in the Chinaz contribution propaganda effect is good, their weight is very high. A high weight web site, spiders will very much like, your soft text if published on the home page, I believe will be included, but also for your web site to do the chain. But China midnight no one audit, general articles also do not have links, that is, at the end of the article plus a "thank you so and so" network (certain web site) webmaster delivery share".


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