The enterprise construction website does not neglect the ownership of domain name ownership

The rapid spread of the Internet

has made many companies realize that it is time to build a website that belongs to its own company. Perhaps many companies have not yet realized the problem of Internet marketing, nor do they realize that the era of e-commerce has been quietly coming. However, the surrounding companies have built their own web site, for an enterprise, there is no website is absolutely impossible, as soon as possible just stay in the image of publicity level. Due to the lack of professionals and copyright awareness, many companies have ignored a problem, that is, I applied for domain name URL belongs to me,


1. Ownership of domain names has become a common problem,

domain name ownership is no longer a case, many SMEs, especially in the past few years, when enterprises have just emerged with the Internet, this phenomenon is very common. And part of the website construction company just took advantage of this, in the name of their own customers registered domain name, perhaps intentional, perhaps unintentionally. Customers in the existing site re construction, revision, only to find that their own pay for many years using the domain name, not their own. What is more part of the company after years of development, has a certain brand awareness, the part of the individual or reckless with greed website construction company, customers began to blackmail. Explicitly tell customers to use years of domain name, its ownership does not belong to themselves, and conditional allows customers to buy a domain name at a high price.

‘s past carelessness has cost some companies a painful price, and some companies have had to change their domain names. But what this brings is the decline in the credibility of the brand and the loss of even part of the customer. In a certain sense, for the enterprise website, the light function re design, the enterprise itself website, in great part is to enhance the corporate image. It should be said that the domain name of the website is also part of the enterprise image, just like the trademark of the company. In fact, part of the company’s domain name is the trademark of the enterprise in english. If a temporary negligence, did not pay attention to ownership of ownership, the more resounding the brand, the late may bring more at any time.

two, the domain name ownership reflects the site construction market chaos

, if it is unintentional, can understand, at best can only show that some of the site construction company is not serious enough, too careless. But things are often not so simple, many Internet companies in helping customers register domain names when they have planted a "mine."". This is just one of the phenomenon, in fact, the website construction market, especially the website construction market chaos, and so far more than


in order to improve market share, many companies first think of not to win customers with high-quality products and services, but to attract customers at low prices, or part of the company is directly lured customers. The author had already said that the article, there must be a trap behind the low price. Because low prices inevitably result in lower profits or even no profit at all, one of the consequences of low prices is that in order to survive, some companies have to compress as much as possible

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