Ramble a small travel website struggling on the nternet

distributes all kinds of small tourism companies throughout the country, and also distributes various small tourism websites in the Internet. They are struggling desperately on the life and death line. Small travel sites can only survive in the strength of the weak, for those cattle website caught in the future.

tourism website faces multiple survival pressure: with the shortage of funds, weak, management confusion, trust degree is low, and it is difficult to recruit skilled. The most important is the problem of personnel, mainly in the following aspects: it is hard to recruit staff, young personnel serious, high demands on the environment, people believe that only the company paid before they work, wages generally require high etc.. How to train such a group of people for small travel websites is a key condition for small tourism websites to survive in the sea of the internet.

is currently serving niche with poly travel way, now the maintenance of website of 8 individuals, 6 of them are 90 children, not only the work efficiency is low, and also, for the company, and must be a part of the people, because they pay for the reward is relatively low, the company indirectly have more cash flow.

in the Internet struggling small tourism sites, the staff also have higher requirements, not only to the Internet and tourism websites have a comprehensive understanding, but also a deeper understanding of the tourism industry. On the job itself, not only to play multiple roles, and can adapt to work overtime. Such personnel can help small travel sites go further and better on the internet.

because the Internet rely on search engines, users rely on search engines, so we also very small tourism websites rely on search engines, our website operation team, everyone must understand SEO, do things in accordance with the core idea of SEO to do so, the user can check the body to take care of at the same time, taking into account the experience of search engine.

and this group of people is very difficult to get together, especially small travel company, can not open a high salary to recruit the right hands, so we only have their training for the personnel. Our general operation means every day after work, set aside half an hour, make comments and answering on the day of work, arranged Saturday full-time training SEO knowledge and knowledge of the industry, exchange ideas and feedback. General training lasts 3 months, a total of 12 weeks, and then to find ways to retain the staff to participate in training, preservation of company personnel strength.

fortunately, the current Baidu and Alibaba in the competition of online travel, let us see some survival gap, believe that this time, there must be a small part of tourism website misery, successful Lei Yue Longmen. Our travel network is now on the eve of the outbreak, I believe this time we can catch up.

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