Solution to the static problem of link pages

page static

now there are still many sites use such as ASP? Id=4113725 this page path (some more complex), so also to the search engine brings some trouble, although the search engine’s ability in continuous improvement, but still suggest site builders to more static pages. Such as: http:, //, after all, is mainly that we have to adapt to search engines, and if you wait until the search engine to adapt to us, it will be a bit of trouble.

page simplification

referred to here is not to say that the simple page page information to put less, but to meet the aesthetic conditions as far as possible in the page will be less flash, or pictures, after all, the search engines are currently on these types of files are still unable to identify, if only consider the requirements of visitors ignored the basic requirements of the search engine. Only at the expense of their own.


not every customer will make your own site map, so the best website developers to design in the background when considering this point, have generated the site map and XML map functionality, reducing customer use difficulty. In this way, not only for customers to save some effort, but also for themselves to do more promotion (if the site has a good search rankings, that is tantamount to building sites for the promotion)

page differentiation

many sites in the search engine there are many similar pages (such as supplementary material), many of them because of the title, keywords, description tags are all the same, if designers can design more personalized web pages more, let these differences, it will reduce the more search engine for recognition supplementary materials for opportunity.

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