Talk about individual stationmaster how to make station systematically

The word

webmaster has become more and more civilians, army chief is constantly growing, and now the most non computer technical background, beginning to speculative, some errors in the guide, quite a few detours.

today, I’m going to talk about the personal webmaster, how to do it systematically, and some skills and tools to improve work efficiency.

a website from conception to pre construction to formal operation, will go through several processes:

first is the location of the site. Site positioning process can not be underestimated, the early stage of the concept of perfection, the demand is clear, you can guide the construction of the site toward the program setting, reduce unnecessary rework.

here are some of the factors you need to consider for site positioning:

1, the audience of the website. Who is this website for and who uses it?.

2, the theme of the website is clear. The relevance of web content determines the importance of the topic, and the search engine determines the quality of the site in terms of relevance. For example, a website selling jewelry is selling mobile phones at the same time, which makes the search engines confused and the weight of the website drops.

3, observe the market situation of the industry in which the website is located, and analyze the saturation of the market. If you are ready to do the site has been N, many people do, and do very mature, you have to find ways to cut in point. As an old example, the portal has long been monopolized by NetEase, Sohu, Sina, and the market has become saturated. What’s the answer? – yes, niche market. As a webmaster portal, local portals, industry portals and some specific groups of portal, these are unable to time and the bigwigs. This idea can be applied to any type of Web site, and the search engine has recently promoted the vertical market and market segmentation. It is actually a niche market in marketing.

4, site functional positioning. What is this website used for? Blog communication, corporate image display, e-commerce, or other uses?

5, the rules to be followed by the station. These rules vary from person to person, because each person has a different ability to bear his conscience. If you know what you do, should be legally published tomorrow, you will feel uneasy, so this thing is "immoral".

After the

site is clearly positioned, the following is the overall design:

1, domain name and space choice. The selection of domain name should be simple, easy to remember, it is best to contain the keywords, it can also increase the weights for the ranking. The choice of space to consider the price, performance, safety, service and other factors, IDC online advertising is a superb collection of beautiful things is a headache, I was in some forum diving for nearly a month before making a purchase decision, see the high visibility, who is a good choice when evaluating. Ha ha, standing friends group, there is a good IDC.

2, website program >

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