Thank A5 1000P station for thousands of monthly revenue

my station, is a common forum (to avoid AD too, do not send URL), although every day there are more than 1000 IP, but a little to no income, I have tried with GGAD, but the price forum of the poor, the click rate is low to the extreme, here, can can a friend said, you can’t optimize, more than 1000 IP, if the GGAD optimization will have a certain income, no, not me not a simple optimization optimization, I can still do, but some types of station, you ` re optimization, also not good to go, my station is this.

a A5 agency, met A5 fan, he is mainly responsible for link exchange and Trading Forum, after I told him my situation, he let me try to sell some links.

before my idea is to sell connection to the search engine has certain weight, PR and so on, they had not considered, and in character after a chat, he said to me, so I went to the A5 forum link trading area issued a sell connection posts, and then to find buyers purchase link area, do it for a few days, sold a total of dozens of connection, but to stand the weight, I firmly do not add PW, Baidu is not friendly to the adult station.

so, the station I, a month there are nearly 1000 pieces of income, here I would like to thank CCAV, thank you MTV, thank the fan, thanks to the A5 forum, thanks to buy my friend


‘s thoughts and suggestions after selling links:

1, as a webmaster, your own web site if you can not create value, no income, then this station, I think you should change the station name, changed to: XXX public service website!


2, not all stations can buy out the link, you must first put the quality you stand out, we are usually the evaluation standard of Baidu and GooglePR are included, as for how to do, you should be friends are veterans.

3, selective selling links. Everything has degrees, not to earn more money on the entire web site is a link, Baidu not K you open strange,


4, search does not like the link of the website firmly not to add. It is said that the search will jiuzu collective punishment punishment.

to tell you the truth, I never wrote a paper, writing in middle schools with a minimum of 500~800 word limit, I never even punctuation and put all sorts of things together, together, barely 500 words… Khan! One! It’s not easy to pull a pile here today. Let’s all support it!


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