What’s the difference between an account manager and an account operator

blog articles have been updated many account level operation of the articles, if you see a friend should learn a lot, so today we from some angles of thinking bidding competent to let you know before the overthrow, just stay in the account operation stage, do real account managers, then get rid of the data bound us it we control the change of the data, read here are not very impulsive ideas, if not then do not continue reading, the following content is not much help or you have got to the stage for you, I may be too much, if you want to change from the angle of thinking, want to get rid of bidding specialist, then read.

first talk about the core content of the competition, we should consider the value of our money to buy traffic, we have to start from the needs of visitors to build a reasonable account structure.

bidding account manager must be responsible for marketing effect and not just focus on quality, they feel that the quality of the whole day drop collapse, if we think we do want the bidding transaction conversion is not quality, maybe some people will say that the quality of doing well is how to play the bidding. Here to bid for beginners, we should correctly deal with the quality of "can not be ignored, nor too seriously, not all keywords quality degree to be optimized, often hear people say quality degree will be lowered the amount of dialogue, very normal, because they do not know what the words can be brought into. Then the blind adjustment, resulting in no conversion increased consumption, conversion is affected, so the effect of marketing adjustment, but also warned the bidding friends, not quality If you want to tune it up, we should treat it correctly and know which words are worth adjusting.

From the perspective of quality

we simply say a difference between bidding and bidding Supervisor Specialist thinking, next we talk about the bidding is a passive way of marketing, at the same time bidding is a systematic project, if you just consider from the perspective of accounts, so you still stay in the bidding specialist stage, purchase demand will pass search keywords see each enterprise’s advertising creativity from the visitors, then choose a creative Click to view the page if the page content and the visitor’s demand, so this time there will be possible to convert or direct dialogue. Visitors through the search keywords, click on the browse page, creative, consulting and other links from the search keywords, if we are a bidding supervisor or project manager we should segment visitor demand, marketing segmentation process, do a good job in every aspect, so we have an increased base transformation, our marketing effect is not better. If you still feel excited, then read on. Let’s say some more high-end bidding strategies to see how the head of the competition works.

Comparison of high-end

bidding strategy play, has been completely out of the bidding auction specialist thinking, now there are two kinds of people, one is the keywords and competitors in an account almost, and then desperately finished high, another kind of hard to play low flow, as for >

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