SWJ is it really necessary for me to make an original

Hello, today, Shanghai SEO (SWJ) and you talk about the original content of the blog, SWJ has been the original content is not particularly large, reproduced is relatively large. Not because I can’t write. But that is their own original content but also the first hand resources, but I hope to turn SEO-SH into a let you can not only know SEO more hope of "diversified extension" to go out.

teacher once told SWJ, "your brain is so dead, you must think it over with divergent thinking" (no wonder that all 95% of the exams except sports are failed. Be ashamed。 SEO, I like to go to the site planning content, to celebrity blog drilling, more like to go on the Internet wandering around, change the "north and South", appreciate "countries customs"".

is the only way you market to see more open-minded mind naturally also spread out, I will see a pie to the moon to Lenovo Lenovo alien base…. (SWJ is a pure blooded UFO fan who has seen UFO himself. I’ve already written a corresponding article in my blog.


said so much, or did not say today’s theme, original content. SWJ ask what is original? You sure said he wrote the article, for the majority, but SWJ believes that the original or original content understanding it, is that you write or say or you must have a value! Is simply the original value of

= =!

SWJ said that the thought of the love heart notes which are seen as written, running account is considered to have you waste the reader’s time, SWJ asked what time we really use time? Don’t waste all the time? Is also happy to spend every day is sad to spend every day. Why not let your mind put a happy face every day is agitated for interest. The site is SWJ in SEO is related to sit in so so has been the leading role for the factor of interest! Truly reflect the original content that SWJ is what you are trying to express something must have its value for everyone to look at the angle of direction must be different for and against the normal or "peace in the world".

since SWJ is engaged in SEO, I’ll say a few words about doing some of the feelings during the professional SEO:

"SEO is a practical science" and "SEO is just a tool". "The ultimate goal of SEO is to make money." 2008-03-03 night: 20:25

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