Secret using thunder crazy way to do traffic true

uses thunder to do traffic, somebody praises oneself can do day 1 million IP. I’m depressed. 1 million is indeed exaggerated point, that so-called "master" also do not want to use the thunder to download your Dongdong will have 1 million times? Is it the 1 million time you can get 1 million of the IP? It is bragging force!

!I dare not say that

here with the thunder download information that one can get how much traffic, but traffic method can be used for reference: not everyone can get traffic, need some skills. The complete method is as follows: (almost all the network cheats are folk prescription):

1. own a thunder account number, level five above. If hang up, it seems to be close to one month before you can do it.

[advertising: thunder account, here are three, clap above:]

2. own a server or rent a server, this is to invest. So and so say to some SkyDrive where upload resources.

really failed, I personally say is purely nonsense, what is SkyDrive? Let you do this right, they are not profitable? They won’t let you use external download. (SkyDrive’s profit lies in the overwhelming advertising of downloaded pages, mostly Google type click ads.


3.: the selection of resources to this place to refer to what the most popular download,, you can also put a software speculation if possible, ABCDEFG.exe said the software is yellow software to search and download Thunder, (this will need to hype the effort). Say Txt is a porn novel. And so on, free play.

in the selection of resources which add on IE browser shortcut (for example, I want to give my station the station to engage in traffic, so it is necessary to create a ie shortcut, just one click can reach my station.


there is also a registry file in it, reg format, this has some hooligans.

4. uploaded to your server or rented. Then use the thunderbolt download (here can also register the thunder alliance, the link into the thunder special chain), download after release.

that’s all.

5. waiting for review.

6. gets traffic.

wants to be helpful to everyone. Thunder is not a myth.

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