Some insights on nteractive Design nnovation innovation or lack of improvement

everyone calls for innovation, I want to challenge innovation, I’m afraid it will not die. So, I’m not going to challenge, I’d like to ask:

question 1: what exactly is innovation? What is different from that is innovation?

question two: how to create, no goal, try various changes, when a change has brought good results, it can be fixed, you can call it "innovation",

then I’d like to focus on design innovations. I don’t really know anything else.


for the design of innovation, can be concerned about is often the performance form, the process, information architecture, the performance model of innovation, not easy to be seen, it is not very easy to be understood, although these products for a greater value, but for the purpose of innovation of the designer or engage in innovative forms on the wise.

Then we will focus on the innovation of

forms on (well, I am also very wise), innovative forms of expression can be roughly summed up: This is different from the previous form, and produce better effect.

‘s understanding is quite good, quite right. But because only this understanding, it led to some blind innovation. Simple pursuit of formal changes, such as:


used to click the button, and a small window flashed directly on the page. After you click the button, let the little window roll out from the top of the page and roll out from behind. In fact, this is nothing more than an effect in OS, but the transplant here, somehow, you can also count a micro innovation bar.

isn’t that a better or better result? Maybe it looks even more cool, but I’m afraid that’s all.

‘s creative approach, in itself, lacks direction and tries to change. Fire in the darkness; waste badly. Can it be more purposeful? Because the concept of innovation, with and without such understanding, has led to such innovations and no methods, then can there be some other understanding of the concept of innovation?…

below is my little understanding…

‘s existing knowledge inherits the same mistakes as

our current understanding seems to be my own independent opinion, but obviously this knowledge is based on a lot of background knowledge, and these are the basis of the past, other people’s knowledge, not necessarily all right. What is even more shocking is that even with the exception of background knowledge, my knowledge may not be my original point of view.


which line of the three right side of the line is the same length as the standard line on the left? Obviously second, but what would you say if the first ten of them had third answers?

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