Purchased the domain name for the record into the blacklist rough domain name record

said that once in the domain name record blacklist is a death sentence, light at home can not find the place, while domain names cannot be resolved! This was precisely the bad things I met! A few months ago, because the team needs, ready to build a professional mobile game platform. So in CN purchased the domain name: 77L.com, then saw the domain name has three main points, a domain name, a short, good appearance; two, euphony, together musicians, comply with the site location; three, the old domain, convenient SEO. A good domain name, it is the first step of success, so the team full of confidence to start planning, design, frame server, web development system, based on our high starting point high input of the regular operation of the site, so we are also in the development of a web site to start site filing procedures, did not expect.. That’s how the nightmare started,

!The first time

record, we take the formal IDC way record, advice that need to prepare ID cards, photos and other information, of course, this is not a problem, all the information ready for delivery to the IDC side, after three days back, no record information, the subject ID number information is used, can not for the record, I check, cheating ah, my ID number by a domain name in 05 years, this domain has not been done, and has no renewals for N years, the strange thing is, the original someone had prepared, the formal record of the N domain name, not long after the record number are cancelled assorted, only the domain name for the record, not only did not stop, as early as the domain name in my hands, but also very stubborn for 6 years. The auditor of the Ministry is really "responsible",

now filing policy provisions of the same subject can only be used in a account for the record, the record account a few years ago had forgotten, mobile phone number also changed a few to find direct account deletion hopeless, but in order to be able to use their own name for the record, and consulting all professional and relevant departments how to do, that will provide written materials and documents, to express through the authority to apply for revocation of the record, this a process down, at least to spend ten days a month, plus to go for the record process, not sure down for a month.

so, our team after discussion, the formal record is too slow, in order to site to on-line as soon as possible, ready to take a shortcut for the preparation of their own, with real information to prepare a transfer password, and the formal record of almost the same effect. But it wasn’t as simple as we had expected. We found a major, and we called it three hours, and when I handed it in, the day went by. Your reply will review recently in recent years, hold tight, wait and see, two days, or not, the next generation by brothers have no confidence, say, or refund you! Or wait for the channel, I said back, how many generations of preparation, not here. Then, find experts! So I find a home, one day, two days, three days, there is no no.. The reason, experts say, almost a year, check tight. Try not to try again for a while, change one, try it, slow down, it is said that the slow lane is more stable, and so many days are waiting

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