Local economic recovery plant site earnings continued to rise

a lot of individual owners in the past few years have invested into the construction of the local industry site, condensed local popularity, a single professional market is large and empty entertainment sites more profitable, and more long-term interests also seems to have become a consensus. I was no exception, last year, the establishment of the Suzhou local low-key turn plant site, and achieved a certain effect of


the local industry site profitability is often popularity with the economic trend and network change, for individual webmaster, last year really is not a good year, the global economic downturn, resulting in a lot of local factory warehouse and workshop network idle, and there was little interested employers, although gradually increased the release of information people every day however, the demand was gradually reduced, it also gives people a false illusion of release: release no effect! So the advertising revenue is not very ideal, barely maintain website operation. At that time and regional investment office dealing with, they learned from the mouth, not only small owners, even the official investment office is also neglected


from the beginning of this year, the rise of website profit signs are that the economy recovers and the national industrial structure adjustment and economic recovery after the last idle! Part of factories and warehouses have been used, with the structural adjustment, industrial transfer to the delivery room flow volume increases, demand more frequent. Natural plant net profit has gradually improved! Personal site on the part of advertising have been rented out, in addition to maintain operations, there are more generous earnings, this time is a good time to cut,


has several tips for those interested in opening such an industry site:

1: choose a good program, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, do optimization and ranking, but avoid excessive optimization! My site optimization layer by excessive, spam links too much and be punished, still in the investigation, but since last year, accumulated a lot of customers, so the impact is not great! Striving to achieve ranking, in a short period of time

quick profit!

2: select the appropriate profit mode! Personal webmaster because of financial and energy is limited, can not do the intermediary business, although can earn a small commission from a rental, but we can use a better way, such as cooperation and local media, and government investment to lay a good relationship, do Internet advertising, greater profit space


the above is only a personal summary, I hope to give you a reference point, interested can visit my site: http://s.szchang.cn, I wish you in the new year can have a good harvest!

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