How do webmasters follow the trend of running the website

website promotion in most webmaster eyes to the flow, such as in the Forum promotion, press promotion and so on, and the webmaster would use hot or other topics to enliven the promotion, the promotion methods may have effect, but with the webmaster more and more use of the effect is gradually reduced, in the face of this situation must be another means of promotion: contrarian promotion society.

denounce competitors and enliven promotion methods

if the 360 friends will certainly understand that 360 is a way to denounce the development to the present, from the beginning of the Tencent to denounce Kingsoft to Baidu, 360 tactics are expanding their own strength in protest, from a small number of companies grow and become the Brand Company now known to every family 360, can be said to rely on the promotion strategy is to denounce the competitors, and then competition against each other, in the process of gradually promote their strengths, and allow more users to accept. 360 to do this step, our website why not? Especially for the place now website, a place appeared in dozens of local sites, to their own local website can foothold to obtain the local site, the support of the masses, we are not to denounce what the rest of the website and pointed out each other’s deficiencies, and then reveal their own advantages, the masses will naturally make a choice.


match play, why not

QQ group.

can match celebrity or competition with micro-blog as a personal webmaster, why don’t we can use QQ group? Now no matter what the industry have their own industry or regional QQ QQ group, want to promote their website or product must learn what the naysayers, otherwise the user will pay attention to you? Only you remember, rational thinking must be found in tune when not bombastic or hype, practice to be able to understand, you said that your website is better than others, only the user experience to know, and not listen to your version, the user is the ultimate decision maker of a web site.

this is Zhou Libo, why don’t we use


Zhou Libo show a week, I believe many of my friends have seen, I also love this program very much, I love Zhou Libo dare to tell the truth, tell the truth of the character, no matter Zhou Libo said something out of state whether it is useful to change the reality, but he dare to say so, Zhou Libo in the people with status. Our website is also so, 90% websites are out of the false state, cheat search engine, cheat users, deceive people, in this state you want to get really website users or the support of the people is very difficult, so we can according to the characteristics and the characteristics of their own industry has opened up a bet the truth of the column, such as you are selling liquor, you don’t fear the plasticizer, this is the people that you want to hide, meaning


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