How far away is success The network complex of a disabled stationmaster

an operation in the early autumn of 1998 changed my life. The heart surgery caused my bilateral vocal cord paralysis, lost the language function, and was breathing through the stoma of the trachea. I became a disabled person.

I was 23 years old, suffering, loss, despair, life after. I can’t go out every day. I can only stay at home. Cousin to see me alone, gave me assembled a computer (used 486 upgrade), so with the computer company, life has a lot of fun. Mixed dark computer game on the day of period of time, I began to get online.

It was for me,

network is really amazing, he seems to be equal to anything, Nothing needed is lacking. My favorite was to see all kinds of personal homepages (which were not popular at that time), and soon my first personal homepage was opened by NetEase. The web is particularly simple and casual, with a FrontPage of all colors and sizes of different characters, insert a few beautiful pictures, even if successful, that is actually a variety of colors was 14 inch black and white display the effect of my own look not to come out, sometimes ask a friend on the Internet, where color well, where the picture collocation is not appropriate, think it is very interesting.

soon after I met online in a local netizens "Hope" (although it is local to now we haven’t met him for me), can be regarded as a master, I do not understand asked, we build a website together, learn from each other. During that time, 12 hours online.

in Shanghai in 1999 5 successive throat surgery made me painful years of treatment of the house has been in debt, remember the last time after surgery no money treatment, the hospital will stop the drug, the mother is not willing to rent out, in my bed on the 2 stools to sleep, the mother of two people eat a meal, nutrition is more can not afford, at that time, my greatest pleasure is to see me that this thick < < "the Three Musketeers > >.

after a period of learning, but also increased the level, the time for free space in many places is also very simple, so I tried to do a variety of websites, the total number of the 10, still remember the name of a website, such as: 1M software and network is used network impunity network free CGI red umbrella chat. Net…

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