ncrease interactivity by allowing users to glue onto your website

how to increase the interactivity of the site, has become the 2012 electricity supplier enterprises hottest topic, and now many of the electricity supplier sites are also in the "cement" site to "thinking" of the site transformation. If you are also in the electricity business circle, you should also consider how to increase the interactivity of the website.

The traditional

business website, the interaction is very limited, the website is probably the only interaction in the commodity comments above, and many sites "junk" comments that many consumers of these so-called comments no longer believe, so it can be said that the interaction of the traditional electricity supplier website is almost 0. The result of no interaction is that the user page stays short and the jump rate is higher.

therefore increase interaction of the website is a very important work, now in front of us there are already some websites in the interactivity do very well, very successful, when we do your site transformation, you can learn from these successful sites. During this time, I have been thinking about how to increase the interactivity of websites, and combine these successful websites, I think that some of the following work can be very good to increase user interaction:

first is the layout and layout of the product list page

we all know, the preferences of the user commodity layout and content more to meet the needs of users can greatly increase the probability of selling goods, and the best layout and content is to allow users to increase participation, allowing users to help you layout, let the user to help you to select the content. At this point, we can refer to the beautiful theory.

on the site list page, the left there is a "24 hour hot" section, here will tell the user what is popular now, will be proposed to play a role, but the 24 hours is the hottest according to the user’s click the typesetting aspect very in line with the user’s preferences. And in the display of goods, they added a member’s comments, such content is actually the most users want to see, this is the most true evaluation of the goods.

beautiful say is a reference, our website can also take this as the train of thought, carry on the merchandise list page of planning, let the user more participate in.

followed by the adjustment of the membership center

now, most of the members of the electricity supplier website just to meet some of the simple management functions, user-friendly inquiries, orders, management accounts. This membership center is limited and users rarely stay in this area. But if you make some minor changes, this member center may become the longest user stay page.

imagine if your site member center, in addition to order inquiry function, but also some commodity list users have bought or often concern, so for the user, the member center is a specialized in > his custom

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