Baidu crazy under the webmaster how to help yourself

"6.28" for all owners as the "Wenchuan earthquake", many webmaster elaborations of the site one night by the station collapsed, many speculators night group in the network based on field drain. Although Baidu later made some adjustments, but in fact there, by gathering a batch of avoid leaning to either side, and the pseudo original site has not in the scene, unable to make improvements.


website also suffered in the adjustment of Baidu, Baidu was included in 1, from the 0 included only one step away. But the author’s Web site miraculously survived. As a more than two years old station, the author has too much to give up and miss, through unremitting efforts, the site miraculously survived, and the site rankings, included and so on has greatly improved. Here, I want to talk about my views from my recent mentality and self-help measures, and I hope I can learn from them.

one, do not give up hope,

, regardless of the site included, ranking dropped, or keywords dropped, all of us should not have an impact, we must correct the mentality. After all, in the Baidu adjustment algorithm of the environment, everything is possible, so we do not need to tangle on this, there must be "it was evil, evil is hiding the" normal state of mind, but also a good idea to find the reasons and the positive countermeasures ".

two, find reason

Baidu, for all the webmaster is no reason for love, and no reason for hate. So, as long as we want to understand that Baidu is just the wrong person, we are easy to handle. We should look for reasons from the website itself.

first, we are going to A5 station, Chinese station, behind the station and other influential site to see other webmasters articles, learn more people is how to deal with the crisis, let his eyes open to avoid detours.

secondly, it’s a matter of actual operation. Use webmaster tools to detect dead links from websites that have been dealt with seriously. The use of friends chain tools query their friendship links, all included as 0 of the "bad neighbors", without hesitation, but also all replaced, for some long-term exchange links, with each other good explanation and communication work. Use keyword tools, check the ranking of your core keywords, and make appropriate adjustments.

again, look for some of the best examples of the same type of website, look at their adjustment strategies, and then we can appropriately imitate and learn.

three, go into action,

"heartbeat is better than action", in the vital moment of life and death of the website, we must have the determination and perseverance to act.

1. looking for high quality links

at this time, any site that can survive, at least have been recognized by Baidu website, looking for those high power sites, friends chain it. If there is excess in your hand

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