From the user experience to see the fall of Sohu

goes to Sina every day to watch the news and send his PV up to 100. We all do websites, and that’s very telling. PV high means good user experience. News websites correspond to the timeliness, accuracy and comfortable reading experience of news.

read the news of sina, Conscience Discovery, opened the Sohu home page. This view, and finally found the two eight years of keeping pace with the door, why one of the fallen?.

to illustrate the problem, I found the same reports both of them reprinted. The title is:

fuel tax reform program this year, the end of the five major focus of discussion

, this is the two reading page for two.

Sina page is very neat, first title, below is the time and provenance. Followed by the content of the article. There are no factors that interfere with your reading from the web site itself. Read content to see ads or other news links.

Sohu? Title following time, then I, we all know that Sohu now start focusing on the development of the community, but they did not see your news, what is it? It’s a small flaw.

as shown in the following picture:


You may have seen

at the pen, a video advertising content around the whole. Such advertising lethality may only be slower than the site open. Equal to direct rape net friend’s eyeball. Personally believe that if Sohu really lack the money, then put some pop, may be more of a blow to the net friend.

as shown in the following picture:


associate with our webmaster group, some people are very, very seriously doing their favorite web site. You may pay twelve points for his efforts, but if the user experience are not careful, may be a not very profitable advertising will also let you cast to waste of effort.

note: the purpose of this article is to discuss the user experience’s role in the website carrier through the Sohu case, and there is no malicious attack on Sohu. If someone or unit really do so, and I have nothing to do. Rainbow QQ ( F9F8 feeds.

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