Does the website do flow all depend on Baidu Google

Internet site for ten years, a year of exploration, has something to say, today, want to say is not rely on search website promotion, ten years ago, many famous websites have been summon wind and call for rain and how do they do that? Only that not only BAIDU, GOOGLE can save network station. It’s not just that they let the webmaster win the host, what can save our website, how to improve the popularity of the website?

1, personal reputation, why do you say so? Websites such as people, reputation outside, afraid of no one, like the former president of Greater China GOOGLE Mr. Li Kaifu, he founded the "Innovation workshop" need to please BAIDU?


like our website, how do you build your reputation?. Personhood is very important, your QQ is what kind of person, you also is what character of people, if we are all network lovers, will care about your website development. Okay look, can think of your advice, QQ users 200 people will care about your site who have 100 people, you will be a day of ten IP? Impossible, it can be said that the BAIDU will be included in the one or two day, do not believe? Try just said is QQ, the other can also be. Your BLOG. Want, can be promoted to do standing, such as life (this article by the net world release)

2, website content, content is not who, whose content is good. COPY come over, no way, want to have their own circle, their own characteristics, are saying, what is called "distinctive"


(1), the name of the site is not difficult to understand the characteristics of the largest, which I think is very important, such as what information network, information port, You’ll see. is what the website, your website name is too personalized, a certain group of users, what route you go? Information, entertainment or


(2), the content of headlines, many of our website there is a lot of such a network, such as real estate, the content is "suite for sale" is this okay? No, where are you? A regional real estate network, can have such a title, must not let it exist, as a webmaster you should extract places, residential, housing size, so that more users agree, click on the opportunity to increase.

3, the website explained, what is this website called? Your website, how to plan for your website, with what attitude? This is like a big website manager do, in fact, everyone has the necessary

, why?

(1), the web site explains, to some extent, what your website style looks like is what makes the future clear for users, especially your advanced users.

(2), site planning, is their own goals, there are goals, you will not blindly, will not forget what your station is. What will the future be?.

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