nformation port of Jiangxi some experience of doing local classification platform

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Jiangxi information port of is to provide a comprehensive information platform of Jiangxi letter mainly! For a local class website, do stand for nearly four months, has been ranked first in the major search! The real traffic flow reached 2000IP/! ALEXA=2 ranked 700 thousand portals (that look, now Jiangxi can also be half a worthy of the name.). I hope everyone will come up with their own experience and communicate with each other!


first: seriously do the content, seriously do the team!


team: together with the development of the team is very important! Because it determines the future development of the site set to Guan Jian! Anything impossible to do single-handed! Our plan is three to 5 person team, first of all to understand business, in addition to the technical (because the technology is essential for the website).

: is the team of people with information! Can also recruit people from the outside, but we never used the principle of acquisition! (before others said the acquisition of one hundred thousand were included one hundred than your original 50 included 50 better) and each edit news at least to modify title there are no say!! but I think our method is very desirable! Outside recruit 3 to 5 text editor (Part-time), released every day more than 50 A, 0.2 yuan / pay a month without your spending less than 1000 yuan but you can say that a lot of content original thing, to do a good job site may not cost 0.

second: profit mode,

we are planning two years are not profitable! Although it was clear, but what sites want to start from its income! We say two years do not take the initiative to profit, will certainly have the door advertising, union or other income to make up the expenditure side of the


we also want a website not very good profit model! But I think the value of the site is not really how to profit is how to maximize the value of the brand! (such as: the ideal blue website although seemingly a public platform which can not be denied that they may also like money, ADMIN5).

third: cooperation and local promotion!

1.: for a website that just started maybe too many others despise you! But we should think highly of their own, this is like pyramid schemes, no product can be as the development of offline media, can! And local industry association (more), the public network station (this website for more conducive to cooperation). Industry associations are an intermediate link between the government and the market. Many specific matters are found in the industry associations, so you will have more development and strength prospects when you cooperate with the local associations.

2. place promotion:

network: accurate and not overflowing, too much spam will make your brand value drop. The so-called precision is what I do 1> 2 theory, publish a message >

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