How to make your site more friendly on mobile devices

there is no doubt that this is a mobile Internet era, everywhere iPhone, Android mobile phone and tablet computer users in every hour and moment confirmed this point, then, your old website or blog is too horrible to look at on a mobile device? Have you ever thought about making your website on a mobile device to be more friendly more users to accept and love? This article will try to help you solve this problem.


1. Why do you need a friendly mobile website,


according to "2012Q2 China Mobile application market quarterly monitoring report", as of the second quarter of 2012, China’s smart phone users reached 290 million, an increase of 15.1%.


at the same time, the mobile user experience has high expectations for the mobile website page, if the mobile experience is not good, 19% of users will form a negative impression, the mobile site would drive away the bad experience of users, 2/3 users may encounter bad experience will not come back, 40% users may access the website instead of competitors.

so, based on these facts, the question should be, why don’t you need to move websites?

two, what is a mobile friendly website,


is not a web site that can be opened on a mobile device. Even a mobile site, not a mobile friendly website, what is the specific standard,


simply said:

non mobile friendly website: you want to drag left and right to see the entire page, text may be too small, difficult to read, the button is too small, crowded together, easy to click;

mobile friendly website: the page is suitable for mobile phone screen, text is suitable, easy to read, button moderate, picture appropriate, suitable for interaction.


three, how to create a friendly mobile site

if you are preparing to build a new website or technology, sufficient funds, of course, is to create a specialized mobile site or optimize the effect of the corresponding best method introduced here only two simple:

1. uses the WordPress plug-in

if you are using the WordPress website, there are a number of plug-ins can be optimized easily, such as the moon introduced before the WP-T-WAP plug-in, but this plugin generated page is too simple, concise and beautiful if it is recommended that MobilePress and WPtouch.



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