How to deal with the collection of articles for originality

is the original article rarely, those things that happen every day, a lot of portal site content is collected, but they collected more clever, they have a lot of editing, in the acquisition of the processing time to take some skills.

now, there are hundreds of thousands of stations in large and small, and every stationmaster is doing his best to study how to attract his eyes. This station as the impossible to put all things gathered in, we have to know how to choose the good content and the theme of your website to meet, even the garbage station (i.e. no original content is the most other content acquisition station) at an early stage may not care about, but after a period of time, the garbage station is the rubbish is dead.

how to select good content should pay attention to the following aspects:

select the content to be consistent with the theme of your station.

such as bearing station can collect news, what bearing bearing technology, can also be a collection of machinery manufacturing, but not too off, don’t choose TV dramas such content, although this kind of content to attract people, but on the one hand caused by the feeling is not professional, on the other hand to Baidu K. If you don’t feel like picking this up, you can’t. Can engage in a two domain name, specifically built a relatively independent station, and the main station is relatively out of line.

collect the contents of the format as unified as possible.

as far as possible select some boutique website for collection, collection of content style and format should be unified as much as possible, otherwise it will appear unprofessional, appear too messy, affect the user’s access to emotion.

don’t collect too much at one time. Early in the site each column properly gathered hundreds of the bottom line and then collect some early every day, otherwise too much traffic on a railway station is not so good and it is dangerous to Baidu K station.


collection content to select keywords, do website tag, do not see the contents of the income, or really become garbage ranking in Baidu keyword search, is not likely to impact the top, there are one or two key words is enough, this is the traffic guarantee.

In order to avoid the

Baidu K station, select a different encoding station is a good suggestion, for example, can collect Big5 traditional station into their own GBK, the ability of the English can even put into Chinese station by Machine Translation, it is original, Baidu K is likely to be 0. See some webmaster, Baidu knowledge through translation engine directly do an English knowledge station.


collected source station to have the ability to continuously update, try not to adopt dead station, ha ha, on the one hand can often capture, on the other hand the station information timeliness, can ensure your collection of fresh content.

acquisition tricks the only goal is to have the change, the traffic safety. Because as a grassroots webmaster we can only flow

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