How do novice sellers improve the browsing of Taobao stores

is a Taobao novice seller, facing the biggest problem is not to find sources, but why want every day online, commodity shop updated daily, but still no one views the shop No one shows any interest in,? Our dear bosses, not only for you, it is time to take the initiative of the Oh, a few opinion below the new hope for some help sellers oh.

one, go to Taobao community, each big forum posts, top stick

go to the Taobao community posted, remember that a friend of the Taobao community post top stick is not of much use, because there are most sellers, hey, do wrong, in fact, the Taobao community post top stick, or have some help. First of all, the Taobao community there are many sellers also lurk many buyers and sellers have to dress well, to eat, as long as you will fine enough, enough fire, browse your shop will be increased. Must be made to attract someone new, post when not brief, should be targeted to express their opinions and views, in order to attract the attention of others. There is to go to major forums, soft Wen, this need to study more oh. In the choice of forums at the same time, we must choose the number of online more, so you see more talent posts, but to help yourself stick top, or soon, the post will sink, oh,


two, each commodity name should be conceived

commodity name must not be sloppy, this well can greatly improve the shop browsing Oh, Taobao system provisions commodity name of thirty words or so, we have to make a fuss in the thirty words, such as adding their own name in the name of the commodity, so when buyers search your goods, see every commodity there are shops, not difficult ah. Can also join this discount information, promotions. Hey, which rely on their own ideas sellers play oh.

three, dress up, personal space, shop introduction,

every Taobao registered users will have personal space, they must make their own personal space, make full use of advertising, people see that what you are selling goods, if the buyers will certainly feel appropriate to your shop for more details.

four, on the want of advertising

in want to advertise, want to choose online want to hair Oh, but don’t bother, ha ha, or will be complaints Oh,


five, the exact use of the desired status information bar

don’t think just want buyers with sellers of a communication tool, the use of good can also help you advertise Oh, want to click the "Settings" – "Settings", enter your new goods shelves here, or discount news, the latest promotions, pay attention not to be too long. Hit the nail on the head. This way, when others see your desire, you can show your status information, oh, you can know the latest status of your shop.

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