Discussion on operation and income of talent network in the new era

small talent network

generally small talent net is a technical background, built a small website, or from sales, to spend money to find someone to build a talent website, and then collected positions in the talent website, enterprise information more and more keywords, search engines are included, flow come, not included, dead.


websites such as talent network keyword is very special, general XX company, XX company, the key enterprises in addition to the site originally to, few other places of this kind of words, so the keyword optimization is relatively simple, the most simple way is to try to collect more information and position information of enterprise recruitment. Traffic has come, advertising revenue has come.

simple description, that is, in exchange for revenue, advertising by the union to make money.

medium-sized talent network

, such as Liaocheng talent network, Guangxi talent network and other

is usually from a large talent website, sales elite and technical elite team composed of cooperation. They are engaged in this industry, a pupil scene on the industry prospects, but the industry of wolves since four, is not so easy.

this kind of website is the main mode of operation on the surface is similar with recruiters, engage in talent website, but is actually a cheap service company, because he is sandwiched between talent network with headhunting company, not only to provide customers with the same talent network service, but also to do more than talent network, to take the initiative to provide candidates the service for enterprise customers, but also cheaper than large fees. Otherwise, enterprises will go to large-scale talent website, because the medium-sized talent network has always been famous and not large, resume data, advertising effects are relatively poor.

summed up one sentence: "to serve for income.".

large talent website

, for example, 528 talent nets, I recruited me.


of their development in China, has a certain scale, the main sales way for telephone marketing, customer management system of enterprise internal operation process customization, a process of customer development and management standard. The company has a clear division of labor and each functional department: marketing department, sales department, administrative department, technical department, etc..

marketing department is responsible for marketing and publicity.

sales department is responsible for target customer sales, customer development,

administration department is responsible for internal management, including recruitment, training, compensation and benefits management, etc..

Technology Department is responsible for the maintenance of talent website, development of new functions, daily management, etc..

basically large talent network profit mode are similar, are a team of very large sales team to sea tactics to businesses pull single, because of the particularity of service, basically pulled many single, how much profit, sales commission is very high, but the salary is very low, like insurance the same. To >

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