50 days site record serial seventh days site should have plan

    from the beginning of writing this series of articles began today has been a week, 7 days, or harvest, and know that their writing level is really bad, and later to exercise more. What should I write today? In fact, I have no plans for myself. These 50 days should be what I think to write and what to write. But we do not stop, we must have their own detailed plan stands, as the saying goes, Forewarned is forearmed. Today, let me talk about my plan to do this station and share with you:


lovers do station plans:

1. site positioning in "lovers", see other don’t be tempted, to adhere to the theme of your web site.

2., the plan of doing this website is not in order to do a website, and doing a website is to improve one’s ability of electronic commerce.

3. site traffic is not "lovers love" the main goal.

4. for 3 days by Google included, two weeks by Baidu included

5. site PR value, when updated in March, strive for PR value rose to 2, the bottom rose to 2.

6. site outside chain plan: PR4 no less than 2, PR3 no less than 5 PR2, no less than 20 PR1, no less than 20 PR0, no less than 10

7. website traffic is not the key, but need certain guarantee, IP plan: 2.14 to 500IP, 2.21 to 1000, ip2.28 to 2000ip, and after March, the monthly IP growth rate of not less than 50%… ..

8. insists on writing for 50 days to promote the website.

we do have to have a plan, especially our webmaster, many times a day do not know what a day has passed (do not know if you have no such feeling), make a plan and plan to do more on this station we will succeed.

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