Marriage website industry hidden crisis the next 2 years will be closed down tide

with the increasing number of older urban youth, love and marriage website has become another prosperity market in the Internet era. As of now, there are three domestic dating sites will be listed on the agenda, Jiayuan planning is listed on the NASDAQ; Lily network has started a new round of financing plan; the cherished network is DDT has hired an audit of the listed, start doing the preparatory work.

a time and listing topic filled the entire industry, but the prosperity is hidden behind some problems, in addition to a small number of dating sites for their own development space, most of the industry is facing more and more serious business problems.


hidden behind the marriage website industry crisis

homogenization serious lack of innovation

Lily network co-founder Mu Yan said: "the current domestic industry only dating sites Jiayuan, Lily network and zhenai three were located in a situation of tripartite confrontation, search + signaling, marriage matching and artificial soubrette three modes. Some of the first line of love and marriage sites have shown signs of defeat."

, according to precious network CEO Li Song revealed that in 2005 there are nearly one hundred domestic large love sites, the actual operation of the normal not more than 5.

marriage website in the domestic development is not smooth sailing. Over the past few years, dating sites experienced a crazy money flow period, all sites burn smashing advertising, reduce the registration threshold increase the number of users, after a round of staking, but found that domestic users gradually lose interest in the contents of the site, around the user, but not around customer loyalty. From 2008 to 2009, the domestic market is a dating website,, Jiayuan, Chinese, cherished network matchmaker network five kingdoms, in the dating website crazy smashing advertising, "peibenzhuanyaohe", but also not immune to fall into the quagmire of homogeneous competition.

competition, only with innovative business models, can gradually get out of trouble. So far, Lily network,, Jiayuan, China matchmaker network, cherished network five major domestic dating sites, mainly formed three kinds of development models: Jiayuan as the representative of the foreign MATCH.COM as template, to search + direct letter friends; copy foreign EHARMONY.COM website to Lily so, for advanced soul match, according to the matching degree of the corresponding matching dating to marriage service; to cherish the network take artificial pattern telephone matchmaker.

business model dilemma reveals

But compared with

, who I marry and then gradually in the century to explore the development mode to get lost.

, a person familiar with marriage website industry, said, since 2009, married my network founder and CEO Wu Haomin, because the company was forced to leave after infighting, married my net is increasingly showing decline. Late 2009, >

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