Operators need 7 skills data analysis ability is the watershed of future operations

fine operation and become particularly important, data-driven decision-making is our operators must face the challenge, but also we have to subconsciously learn a skill.


data driven operation is the future trend operation, a watershed is our operators, in the operation of the slash-and-burn cultivation time has tended to decline when the fine operation and has become particularly important, data driven decision is a skill of our operators must face the challenge and we have science awareness.

has just entered the field of operation but also a lot of new a headache, because he was involved in the data analysis method, methodology, logic analysis ability and the use of some tools, and a lot of data and many operators do not want to face. In this chapter we’ll start with how to get data, how to analyze data, and what data dimensions a product focuses on.

1. Where do the data get


before we analyze the data, we have to have data for our analysis, so we have to get the data, how to get it,

?There are two main sources of


own data analysis system – the company’s own data is the most source of data, but also the most reliable and comprehensive. Generally speaking, conditional data are based on internal data;

third party data analysis tool, which is using external tools to obtain data.

below to introduce the main 5 data analysis tools:

1. Pro League

supports iOS, Android applications, data statistics and analysis,


The strong point of

growingio is that it can obtain and analyze comprehensive and real-time user behavior data without the embedded point, so as to optimize the product experience and realize lean operation.

3. application radar

only for iOS, see App Store overall standings and classification ranking. View the search score of the product in App Store, one of the criteria for judging the effect of ASO.

4. Baidu mobile statistics

supports both IOS and Android platforms. In addition, after embedded SDK statistics, developers can conduct a more comprehensive monitoring of their products, including user behavior, user attributes, geographical distribution, terminal analysis, etc..

5. cool pass

only supports Android platform application monitoring. Developers can view applications in the mainstream market downloads, rankings, ratings, reviews, keywords ranking and other data, but also systematically compete with competing products for data comparison.

of course, the data analysis tool is not

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