Others have been on the road have just begun

to build their own web site also experienced a short time, but not what results, before is on station living, watching a lot of webmaster articles are said to do local station station industry to have a future, in order to have a way out. But I have not done, may be too difficult to promote, coupled with some offline promotion need to invest, and the like, I have not tried to do industry stations and local stations.

in the industry between the station and the local stations do is probably the most local station, because the industry has his limitations, not to understand the industry of the people to do the site you may be restricted. But also many local stations, most are also the BBS and classified information, indeed, because of the two reasons of the procedures of the station you very easy to get started, the threshold is very low, we are also willing to do, try.

have seen many successful local forum, is indeed very good, oneself also has heart, because the forum is an interactive things, if you accumulate popularity of words after doing other things is very easy, after the promotion, is also very simple. Your heart is moving, but it may be a little late. Someone else has hit the road. I’ve just begun packing.

what I did was a local classified information website. I worked hard all afternoon, and finally got familiar with the procedure. The template was finished, and tomorrow is the official promotion operation. Today is just the easiest job of getting a program template, gathering information about competitors, sources of classified information, and addresses to be promoted.

although the promotion of the local station is not very familiar with, but from other people’s articles, other people’s experience learned a lot of things, coupled with some of their finishing experience, sent out to everyone to see.

1.QQ group promotion: although said a lot, but I think QQ group is really more important, now a lot of people online, just watch movies, on QQ, play games, will not come to BBS, and so on. But since I’m not an entertainment forum, QQ group promotion needs some skills. For example, you can send a group from inside your website more tempting advertisement is of course connected to your site, so there are still a lot of people will come looking for things to see, if you really have a website to attract them, they may be a loyal member of you.

2. school BBS promotion: mainly push housing, second-hand, recruitment of these three information things, because now a lot of students come out to live, need to have housing information. Secondary information needless to say, where may be more concerned about. Recruitment of words, part-time information, graduation, employment and other information may bring you a certain student membership.

3. local Forum promotion: these people are still easy to become members of your web site, as long as you do well, I think they want to find something you need to visit your website.

4. line promotion: this does not say more, yourself >

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