The entanglement of a novice stationmaster

not for a long time to write the forum recently, really busy, feel 24 hours a day are not enough, working overtime every day, a word tired! Choke refers to calculate, I have about 3 months every day at 10:30 in the evening before leaving the company, you stand too much. Because of the chaotic schedule, I recently feel that I am in poor health and I do not know when this will be the end.

these two days to do a new station, a shop selling bags, I still in accordance with conventional methods to this station to do optimization and promotion:

1. website title and description set optimization, is nothing more than is strictly prohibited to describe the content of a page, my concept is each page as a site to set in again into words, divided the core keywords and general keywords.

2. product description. I am lazy before the station, not to engage in product description, so the inside pages included is bad, although the home page ranking can go up, but always feel the site in an unhealthy state of development, to do for a long time, or to reflect the strength and the product description, so this time I very carefully to every product description.

The spider

3.. Generally on the blog hair, do anchor text links. There are other forums in the soft Wen, but now the BBS is basically can’t put the anchor text links, so the BBS just leave a link address. A little here to explain, do anchor link, I used to only home page link, now I’m home page together, distribution is fairly reasonable.

4. every day to the site to write 2 articles on the bag, an original, a pseudo original.

5. links.

these are what I do, not what the difference with the usual, and this time I also do product description, description of each product are not the same, the home page in the anchor link, it should say that this should be done better than usual. But to my surprise, I found when my website links in YAHOO, only found one, but the reverse link from a Links station, in other words, is that this time I send the links have no effect, this makes me wonder, is it my website where is the problem? I find all the pages of my text and buried link research, found that these pages have not been included, including Sina blog, according to the relationship between Sina and Baidu. The blog is always very good, before I send in the Sina blog is half an hour will be included but this time, I made all the articles not included. Feel a little cry.

let me the most difficult to understand is that I have been keeping Sina blog, why is this? Which master to take the time to help me see if I have what problem, it is said that Baidu recently disturbed, indebted forever! If in >

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