The micro media alliance teaches you how to become a fast 360 news source

micro Media Alliance: (correspondent Wang Yong) June 15th micro media alliance successfully added 360 news sources, and became the first rapid transformation of new media, become authoritative news and information platform


June 6th on-line, June 14th 360 applications for news sources, 15 received a successful email reminder


so the question is, how does the new site become a fast news source,


should do the following:

1. update daily quantitative news quantity 5-10 articles, request original, imitation original, original recommendation on the home page and designated exclusive plate;


2. web page is clean, clean, and without much advertising;

3. site subdirectory is two, just do not put it blind;

4. applications must be special website, there is no instability or dead links, and some immediately handle,


5. applications focus on your strengths and priorities and update frequency,

6. website must be filed, it is also recommended for public security records.

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