Zhang Changdong how does the information website achieve true originality

The most important thing in

‘s industry – based web site is content. Editors’ relentless content updates are the biggest foundation and source of power for web development. Our goal, to achieve genuine original, out of pseudo original. See your webmaster is always talking about how pseudo original. I have been thinking, also in ourselves, not everyone is going in the wrong direction, why do so many people to study the pseudo original, and not really look carefully the original method? In fact, pseudo original articles on the search engine only temporarily useful, it is not good for the user experience.

website requires information, I do not object to reprint, and agree to reprint quantity can be comparable with the original amount, so that it is a good site both inside and outside. In other words do not say, pseudo original is not a long-term solution, if you have more practice in your own writing, think of some ideas to improve the original, the original is not so difficult. I share my experience with the original article and hope to get some inspiration:

1, on the search engine, the latest news.

through keyword search, we can find the news that happened a few minutes ago, and we call it news source. By discovering these news sources, we can think of a number of other things and create manuscripts that are different from news sources. Through this, we can do great things in the industry without leaving any omissions and knowing fairly well. First of all, understanding of the new things can be combined with the website need to write related articles. With other people’s reports, and then in accordance with their own ideas to write, I think this should be original.

2, interviews and exchanges,

tell me what you will complain, to field coverage is to spend a lot of effort, and a lot of manpower website is not enough, this is a common problem of website. Often somebody adds me QQ to ask how the website can do well, one knows, just know, whole website is him alone. Mou Changqing, Jiang Likun and some other experts can not run a website alone, and will often rack their brains to promote, work late into the night. Their success is a result of the effort, worth learning. Well, personally interview is the original source of the real. For the sake of time and effort, interviews here can be interviews with QQ or other chat tools, or an email interview. The communication can also be in QQ group, forums, etc., and then no use of the phone. I often interview objects to my QQ group, so that everyone can see and participate in my interview; I often in a few QQ groups in the industry discussion, popularity is very hot. In short, more time to communicate with experts, written out of the most original.

3, information integration, thematic

There are three kinds of methods of

information integration, is a long period of integration into short, its essence, such as a book industry organized into their own essence notes, experience; two is the number of articles into their updated and more comprehensive view articles; the three is based on the same theme collect, dozens of articles organized into a special aspect.


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