Half-time: Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

first_imgEden Hazard scored another superb goal to give Chelsea the lead at Anfield.Having struck a brilliant equaliser against Tottenham last Monday, the Belgian bettered it with a virtuoso solo effort on 31 minutes.Showing dazzling close control as he skipped in from the left flank, he drifted past several static Liverpool players and a non-committal challenge from Roberto Firmino before clipping a low right-footed finish into the bottom corner.Hazard had had Chelsea’s best chance prior to the goal with a fierce shot that Reds keeper Simon Mignolet was equal to.Liverpool had been the brighter side in the first 20 minutes with Blues keeper Asmir Begovic called into a couple of early saves.The Bosnian, brought into the side after Thibaut Courtois fell ill, dived to his right to beat away Adam Lallana’s shot on the edge of the box, before gathering a weaker effort from Phillipe Coutinho.At the other end, Bertrand Traore – in for the injured Diego Costa – got away from Kolo Toure inside the penalty area but couldn’t find the power in his shot to trouble Mignolet.After the goal, Liverpool tried to hit back but Begovic denied Coutinho and gathered in Daniel Sturridge’s weak low drive.Liverpool: Mignolet, Clyne, Toure, Lovren, Moreno, Can, Milner, Lallana, Coutinho, Firmino, Sturridge.Subs: Bogdan, Skrtel, Smith, Lucas, Allen, Ojo, Benteke.Chelsea: Begovic; Azpilicueta, Mikel, Cahill, Baba Rahman; Fabregas, Matic; Pedro, Willian, Hazard; Traore.Subs: Amelia, Tomori, Kenedy, Loftus-Cheek, Palmer, Pato, Abraham.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

My first cutting is just “cow hay” — now what?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Jimmy Henning, Forage Extension Specialist, University of KentuckyLate cut hay is a fact of life in Kentucky. There are worse things. Drought, for example. It is no failure if some first cuttings of hay are late, or rain damaged for that matter. The list of things that have to get done in May never ends for the part-time, diversified farmers that form the bulk of the beef cattle producers.Farmers face a never-ending set of “what to do first” decisions. Something has to be second, or third. So late cuttings of hay happen. The real mistake is to let a less-than-perfect first cutting stop the conversation hay management because a farmer thinks we in Extension are disappointed. Next steps if you think your first cutting is just “cow hay”The first thing to do is to get a representative core sample and send it to a certified lab for analysis. It is best but not absolutely necessary if it goes through the sweat before taking the sample. Next, store the hay inside if possible, but at least get it off the ground (on rock, pallets and so on). If you are going to have more than one cutting or hay from other fields, store so this lot of hay can be accessed and fed as needed.Once the results are back, do some planning with the UK Beef Cow Supplementation Tool (http://forage-supplement-tool.ca.uky.edu/). This very simple tool will let you determine what you need to feed with your ‘cow hay’ to meet nutritional needs. Knowing your needs early can let you work with your supplier to secure best pricing.This supplement tool calculates an intake figure from the total fiber in the hay, but you need to make sure actual consumption matches or exceeds the estimates from the tool. You may need to get some current weights for hay bales so you can back calculate intake from hay disappearance. Don’t forget to take into account the waste that happens, even if this is only a guess.The tool also cannot take into account changing energy needs with weather. As a guide, every 10-degree drop below the thermo-neutral temperature increases energy needs by 5%. And the thermo-neutral temperature is greatly affected by whether the hair on the cow is wet. The thermo-neutral temperature for cows with dry hair coats is 18 F, but 55 F when that hair is wet. So the energy needs for cows when it is 35 F and raining is 10% higher than that predicted by the tool (55 – 35 is 20 and each 10 degree change means 5% more energy). Thinking back, we had a lot of 35 F and rainy days last winter, and cows lost a lot of condition.Another thing to remember is that the summer is far from over, and other cuttings may be more timely. Hope springs eternal in a farmer. It has too.Another idea – Make some serious plans to stockpile tall fescue. A well-managed (not overgrazed) field of tall fescue that is rested from mid-summer into the fall and fertilized with 60 pounds of N in mid-August can provide better quality feed for cattle than any hay you will likely produce this summer. Grazing stockpiled fescue will lessen days where hay is necessary. Strip grazing the stockpiled fescue with make this high quality forage last longer (due to less waste) and quite possibly reduce mud caused from bale feeding later in the winter.Remember, just because you made “cow hay” does not mean the forage conversation is over. Not by a long shot.Happy foraging.last_img read more

BlackBerry Acquisition Means It Will Never Again Be A Consumer Tech Company

first_imgRole of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement “Negative press on its situation can sometimes be a self fulfilling prophecy, and the market may not be kind to them even if they do provide innovative products and services (something they have been late doing in the past),” said mobile analyst Jack Gold of J.Gold & Associates. The Fairfax Financial buyout potentially gives BlackBerry room to take a step back from trying to be everything to everyone and to do what it is good at: creating secure hardware and software and facilitating communication via email and instant messaging.Those capabilities fall in the services and collaboration divisions, respectively. Under Fairfax, BlackBerry doesn’t need to release a brand-new device every quarter to keep up with Samsung and HTC. It doesn’t need to make a device that has the appeal of the iPhone and the ubiquity of a Samsung Galaxy. It can work to keep its existing customers happy, while focusing on its BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES 10) clients and extending BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry will become a mobile device and application management company from here on out.Enterprises Are The Only Paying CustomersPrem Watsa, the chairman and CEO of Fairfax, essentially said that BlackBerry is going to completely forget about the consumer market to focus all of its energy on the enterprise. “We believe this transaction will open an exciting new private chapter for BlackBerry, its customers, carriers and employees. We can deliver immediate value to shareholders, while we continue the execution of a long-term strategy in a private company with a focus on delivering superior and secure enterprise solutions to BlackBerry customers around the world,” Watsa said in a press release announcing the acquisition offer. BlackBerry probably isn’t going to get a better offer than the $4.7 billion that Fairfax is serving up. Fairfax allows it to continue to exist without the outside pressure it has been facing for the last three years. BlackBerry’s other options are to shutter the company or break apart along divisional lines.“The Services division, driven primarily by BES and BB’s move into MDM/MAM, also has some legs and could generate growth. The three divisions taken together could have synergies that could keep BB running as a viable concern. But it won’t be easy,” Gold said. “So, with all the potential outcomes (sale, shut down, breaking up) this is probably the best possible outcome for BB. Whether it’s too little too late is yet to be seen.” dan rowinski Tags:#BlackBerry Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfacescenter_img Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … BlackBerry is about to get acquired. The player that has swooped in to rescue Canada’s largest tech company? Not Microsoft. Not Samsung, Google or Facebook. Amazon is nowhere to be seen.It’s a financial services company. BlackBerry is likely to accept a buyout offer from its largest shareholder, Fairfax Financial, for what will amount to $4.7 billion. The deal is subject to approval and diligence on both sides. BlackBerry has until November 4 to get better offers. Once the sale is complete, Fairfax Financial will take BlackBerry private. BlackBerry’s fall from grace now officially appears to be complete.Or is it?BlackBerry has three divisions—services, collaboration and devices. The devices division is historically what has driven the company, as its BlackBerry smartphones were once iconic status symbols for any business person. Everybody used BlackBerrys, from the CEOs of huge corporations to college students zipping BlackBerry Messenger at all times of the day. The hardware division of BlackBerry is basically dead. The newest devices running BlackBerry 10 are consumer and enterprise duds. The only smartphones that BlackBerry sells now are its old BlackBerry 7 devices that are well trusted by large corporations and government officials. Last week, BlackBerry announced that it had lost nearly a billion dollars in its most recent financial quarter and that sales of BlackBerry 10 devices had been basically zilch. The dream of BlackBerry reemerging from its fall and conquering both the enterprise and consumer markets again is dust.BlackBerry now makes no pretensions: it is now an enterprise security company.The Monkey Comes Off BlackBerry’s BackWhen everybody always tells you that you’re a loser, you eventually start to believe it. BlackBerry has been buried by the press and analysts for so long that the company has started to believe it itself. The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

What Researchers Know About Building a Happy Life

first_imgReferencesHouse, J., Landis, K. and Umberson, D. (1988). Social relationships and health. Science, 241(4865), pp.540-545.Mineo. Liz. Harvard. April 11, 2017 Good jeans are nice but Joy is better Liz Mineo Harvard Staff Writer DATE April 11, 2017 https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2017/04/over-nearly-80-years-harvard-study-has-been-showing-how-to-live-a-healthy-and-happy-life/ [Accessed 27 July, 2019].Seppala, Emma. Connectedness& Health: The Science of Social Connection – The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education http://ccare.stanford.edu/uncategorized/connectedness-health-the-science-of-social-connection-infographic/ [Accessed28 July, 2019]. Created in Canva by Alicia Cassels Return to article. Long DescriptionWritten by: Alicia Cassels, MA, MFLN Blog ContributorYou may have heard about a Harvard study of adult development that has, to date, run consecutively for more than 80 years. Initially the study included only male students from Harvard. The subject pool was expanded to include a more diverse set of subjects. Over time, the participant pool has expanded to include additional subjects. Results continue to point to significant commonalities among participants. Some of the most striking commonalities among diverse study participants include findings around what makes a happy, healthy life. Results of the ongoing study continue to reveal that, in essence, a single factor is highly correlated to happiness, physical health, mental wellbeing, and emotional health, regardless of participant demographics.  -And it’s not what you might think.What is more important to health and happiness than money or socioeconomic status? The Harvard study revealed that human connection is the greatest predictor of physical health, emotional wellbeing, and happiness. According to the director of the study,Close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives, the study revealed. Those ties protect people from life’s discontents, help to delay mental and physical decline, and are better predictors of long and happy lives than social class, IQ, or even genes.–Robert Waldinger, Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.Regardless of race or social status, the people who reported that they were the most satisfied with their personal relationships at age 50 were also the healthiest in their 80’s. The people who reported having better relationships in their 80’s also had better memories.These findings are not limited to the Harvard Study. A study published in 1988, authored by James S. House, Karl R. Landis, and Debra Umberson found that the inverse is also true,Lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure.A Dangerous TrendUnfortunately, social connections are decreasing at alarming rates. In a piece published by The Stanford Medicine Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, Dr. Emma Seppala outlines a growing social epidemic,The modal number of close others (i.e., people with whom one feels comfortable sharing a personal problem) Americans claimed to have in 1985 was only three. In 2004 it dropped to zero, with over 25% of Americans saying that they have no one to confide in. This survey suggests that one in four people that we meet may have no one they call a close friend!What Can We Do?(1). Prioritize what matters most. Spend time building and strengthening relationships with family and friends. It is important to note that research indicates that quality, not quantity matters here. It is the value, not the number of the relationships that counts.(2). Learn more about the research.Watch Waldnger’s TED Talk about the Harvard study.Learn about a second generation of the original Harvard study is currently underway. If you would like to learn more about this study visit click here.last_img read more

BHU students recall police brutality

first_imgThe Banaras Hindu University on Sunday suspended its academic session and advanced its mid-semester break for Dussehra hours after police forces lathi charged protesters, most of them women students sitting on a dharna against the alleged inaction and victim-blaming of a fine arts student who was molested on the campus on Thursday. Several students, journalists covering the protest and policemen were injured in the incident.Later on Sunday, social activists and students demanded action against the policemen and the culprits in the molestation case.The varsity now closes for the break on September 25, three days earlier than the scheduled date of September 28, even as the campus remainstense with heavy deployment of police.The students narrated the sequence of events on Saturday night when policemen ran towards those on dharna with batons and chased them from the main gate of the BHU, the protest site. Several students were injured in the police action, which the victims described as brutal and unprovoked.Aparna Chaubey, a third-year undergraduate student of English literature, received injuries on her back. Ms Chaubey said the police attacked the protestors without any warning, adding that the students were lathi-charged twice.First, a delegation of students who had gathered outside the residence of vice-chancellor G.C. Tripathi were pushed out forcefully by the police, following which the forces attacked the main body of protesters.Ms. Chaubey was among those who had gone to the VC to seek an audience, which had been the main demand of the protesters. “But then he told us he would not meet us as he was hurt that the statue of [BHU founder Madan Mohan] Malviyaji had been smeared with blank paint,” Ms. Chaubey said.The varsity, in an official statement, also mentioned the attempted defacing of the statue, saying it was executed by “anti-national forces”. Students, however, said no such act happened and the rumour was spread by the administration to disrupt the protest. Mineshi Mishra, a psychology undergrad student, says the police chased the women and men students into the women’s hostels, beating them indiscriminately. “There was not a single female constable among them even though the protest was by women. We condemn the police violence. We were sitting on a peaceful dharna, demanding security for female students and better lighting facilities on campus,” Ms. Mishra said.Shivangi Chaubey, another student, said the police was so brutal that when a female student fell outside the gate of the women’s hostel, the police beat her with lathis till she got up on her own and ran inside.BHU chief proctor O.N. Singh denied the lathicharge, saying the police acted in self-defence after the group of protesters, which he claimed was full of outsiders and “anti-social elements pelted stones at the security forces and tried to break into the hostels and the lodge of the VC”.“There was no lathicharge. The protesting crowd had a large number of anti-social and miscreant elements in it and they broke the Triveni Gate and tried to enter forcefully. They pelted stones at the police, who acted in their defence. Some policemen also received injuries,” Mr. Singh said.The central varsity alleged the protest by the girl students was “part of a conspiracy” by “totally politically motivated” social and political activists who were using students as “pawns” to defame the institution,”BHU vice-chancellor Girish Chandra Tripathi told The Hindu that the protest was “staged” to stain the Varanasi trip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said the administration was willing to address the “genuine problems” of the students despite the large size of the campus which was open to public use as well but argued that staging a dharna on the street was “not the right way” to communicate.Meanwhile, an FIR was lodged at the Lanka police station against policemen for allegedly assaulting and looting journalists covering the protest and preventing them from visiting the hospital. A case was lodged under Sections 323, 325, 352 and 393 of the Indian Penal Code.A delegation of the UP State accredited correspondents committee apprised Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of the incident after which he instructed the Varanasi divisional commissioner to probe the case. Hemant Tiwari, the president of the UPSACC, visited the four injured Hindi journalists in Varanasi, identified as Alok Pandey, Kaushalendra, Amitesh Srivastava and Arshad Khan.Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav condemned the incident and demanded action against those involved. “The government should use discussion and not force to solve the issue,” he said.Ramayan Patel, convenor of the Joint Action Committee of the BHU students, said the agitation was to demand better security and illuminating all the dark zones in the campus and continuous roundup of guards and installation of CCTV cameras. He also said the students demanded a relaxation of curfew timings for hostels for women, which is at present 8 p.m., and gender sensitisation of administrative staff. Cases of eve-teasing and molestation were common, students said.Meanwhile, a delegations of teachers also took out a candle march in the campus pledging that they would not allow anti-social elements to function in the campus or tolerate any insult to Malviya.U.P. Congress president Raj Babbar and other party leaders were detained by police while they were on the way to BHU.last_img read more

10 months agoEverton chief Moshiri adamant new stadium will be built

first_imgEverton chief Moshiri adamant new stadium will be builtby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveEverton chief Farhad Moshiri is determined for their new stadium to be built.Planning permission is set to be submitted in the second half of this year, with the first ‘spade in the ground’ anticipated in early 2020.After a number of false dawns over previous projects Moshiri is adamant the stadium will be built.”It has nothing to do with my vision, it is a necessity. That must be understood – we don’t have a choice, we don’t have a Plan B or a Plan C,” he said at their AGM.”Very much like Arsenal and Tottenham that had to build a stadium – they were not given stadiums like West Ham or Manchester City.”We have a lot of experience so I think we will complete this stadium, be sure that will happen. And I will throw as much money as needed.”Private markets will provide £350m, naming rights will give us some more and we maybe have an equity gap of £100m.”I think this club, under the management of Marcel and leadership of Denise (Barrett-Baxendale, the club’s chief executive) is sufficiently robust to see the project through. It is no luxury, we have to get it done.”If we want to have a big club we need a modern stadium and we will get it.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Ohio State mens lacrosse set to take on Penn State at Ohio

Junior midfielder Jesse King (19) cradles the ball during a game against Marquette Feb. 22 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. OSU won, 11-7.Credit: Brett Amadon / Lantern reporterFresh off its first victory of the season, the No. 19 Ohio State men’s lacrosse team is hoping to continue building momentum during the young season.After taking down Marquette Saturday, 11-7, the team is set to battle No. 10 Penn State in Ohio Stadium Saturday for the 2014 Creator’s Trophy.Starting the season with two overtime losses to both Johns Hopkins and Massachusetts, the Buckeyes’ (1-2, 0-0) fortunes reversed with the home victory against Marquette.Freshman midfielder Jake Withers played a key role in that game, winning 14 of 21 faceoffs and collecting 11 ground balls, taking home ECAC co-Rookie of the Week honors in the process.Senior defenseman Dominic Imbordino said winning the faceoff and ground ball battles are important because they give the offense more opportunities to score.“It was definitely big for Jake to get that many wins and ground balls because it gave us that many more possessions on our offensive end,” Imbordino said. “It allows us to play the make-it-take-it, not somebody else.”Penn State (2-1, 0-0), which has big expectations after making the NCAA tournament last season for the first time since 2005, is coming off an 8-7 victory at then-No. 4 Notre Dame last Saturday.Senior attackman Shane Sturgis led the way for the Nittany Lions, netting five goals against the Fighting Irish defense. OSU senior defenseman Joe Meurer said Penn State boasts an offense that can put points up on the board, but thinks OSU has a gameplan in place that will limit the Nittany Lions’ chances.“It’s all about adjusting to what we see on film,” Meurer said. “They definitely have a great attack and some capable midfielders, but we will be ready to take them.”Offensively, OSU will look to break down a defense that is yielding only about 8.7 goals per game. Junior midfielders Jesse King and Turner Evans have shined early in the season, but OSU coach Nick Myers said he knows it will take a team effort to put the ball in the back of the net.“They have arguably one of the best goalies in the country in senior Austin Kaut,” Myers said. “For us, it’s going to be generating quality shots and then finishing off those opportunities.”Last season, the Buckeyes won a nail-biter in Happy Valley after King scored in overtime as time expired.“We know they are a great team; they are really hard-nosed and gritty,” Meurer said. “It’s just about not only matching that but taking it to another level, playing with more fire and energy than them. I think we will come out on top.”Myers said the importance of this game goes well beyond what happens during the 2014 campaign.“This is why you come to Ohio State,” Myers said. “It’s a top 10 opponent and a rivalry in Penn State … It’s important for not only the 2014 team, but also to all the men who have made this program what it is.”Gametime is set for Saturday at 1 p.m. read more

Severed cable blamed for weekend service interruption in four islands says Cable

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, April 4, 2017 – Grand Bahama – Following a weekend service interruption caused by a severed cable in Grand Bahama, Cable Bahamas Limited has implemented a controlled restoration process to decrease the incidence of further negative impacts on subscribers. According to Cable Bahamas, the interruption was caused by a third-party company carrying out works in the area. On Saturday, customers in Abaco, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama and New Providence experienced interruption with broadband, private fiber and ALIV mobile services.  Although services were restored on Saturday evening, the company completed permanent repairs on Monday. Affected subscribers were given two gigabytes of free data and a one-day credit for interruption to REVON home and business services. Cable Bahamas Chief Operations Officer, John Gomez said in a statement that the company took the interruption very seriously and worked to respond to the situation quickly and completely. Story by: Zahra Gordon#MagneticMediaNews#nocableoverweekend#severedcablecausedinteruption Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #nocableoverweekend, #severedcablecausedinteruptionlast_img read more

Bangalorebased Mobile Payment Service Provider Ezetap Acquires Hyderabadbased Royalty Startup Clinknow

first_imgEzetap, the Bangalore-based mobile payment service provider, has acquired Clinknow, a Hyderabad-based startup which helps retailers target customers according to the buying pattern.Clinknow analyses transaction data and builds predictive model to target customers according to shopping history. The acquisition will enable Ezetap to guide retailers create new offers by following information provided by them. Clinknow will help target and acquire customers, using shopper graphic filters, spending behaviour, locations and demographics.According to the company’s website it has worked with over 700 retailers. Clinknow was founded by BITS Pilani alumni Abhishek Nayak and Arpit Mohan. According to VCCircle, this company is their second venture, as prior to this they had co-founded Gharpay Technology Service Private Ltd. in 2011, which collects payments from e-commerce firms.”Small and medium merchants who have not access to state of art loyalty solutions until now will see increased footfalls and customer satisfaction. The integration of loyalty and offers is a natural extension of the point of sale,” Abhijit Bose, Ezetap CEO, told The Economic Times.In March 2014, Ezetap received funds from American Express, to accelerate its global growth across Asia and Africa. The funding came one month after the company received $8 million in Series B round of funding led by Helion Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors The Social+Capital Partnership and New York-based Berggruen Holdings.Ezetap, founded in 2011 by Bose and Bhaktha Keshavachar, currently serves companies in e-commerce, payments, collections, insurance and other sectors of financial inclusion.The Ezetap card reader device turns a smartphone into an intelligent Point of Sale (POS), which can read all cards for online transactions. The Ezetap card reader can be connected to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, USB or audio jack. A customer has to pay a fixed monthly fee to avail unlimited transaction benefits.AngelPrime launched Ezetap’s mobile POS solution in 2012, priced $50. In an interview with ProductNation, AngelPrime stated that they develop the hardware in India, instead of the usual approach of going to China.last_img read more

Rashidul Hasans pen seal and memories

first_imgRashidul HasanMartyred intellectual Rashidul Hasan was picked up from his home 46 long years ago by the collaborators, the razakars, but the memory of that day remains fresh in the mind of his daughter Rokaiya Hasina. She was a student of class six then, in 1971. She is now in her fifties, but those last moments with her father seem just yesterday.Rokaiya had grasped her father’s right hand. One of the khaki-clad persons at the doorway had asked, “Are you Rashidul Hasan?” When he replied “yes”, they simply grabbed him and dragged him away.A pen and a signature seal of Rashidul Hasan remains preserved at the fourth gallery of the Liberation War Museum. Below these items it is written that this teacher of Dhaka University’s English Department was picked up by razakars and Al Badr from his home on 14 December 1971.Eldest daughter of Rashidul Hasan, Rokaiya Hasina, is a Rabindra Sangeet artiste. Speaking to Prothom Alo, she said, her father had been moved by the dream for freedom nourished by the Bangalis during the turbulent days of 1969. He was a great admirer of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He was not directly involved in politics, but would join the public meetings and gatherings. He would inspire his students with the spirit of independence. He would keep in contact with the freedom fighters in various ways during the liberation war and extend his assistance in any way he could. The Al Badr members reported this to the Pakistani army officers.Rokaiya was sitting in her Dhanmondi residence, sharing memories of her father.Rashidul Hasan earned his BA (Hons) degree from the English department at Dhaka University in 1958. That same year he began teaching at Narsingdi College. Then he joined Edward College in Pabna. Next, in 1967, he joined Dhaka University as a lecturer.Rokaiya Hasina said that her paternal family roots were in the village Boroshija of Birbhum district in West Bengal, India. Rashidul’s education till the higher secondary school level was at Boroshija. His elder brother lived in Dhaka due to government service and so Rashidul was admitted to Dhaka University. He did not return to India after completing his education. He married Begum Rokaiya in Boroshija and they had three children – Mahmud Hasan, Rokaiya Hasina and Suraiya Amina.During the liberation war, Rashidul Hasan would live in the Dhaka University teachers’ quarters, at building no. 23, next to Sergeant Zahurul Huq Hall. There was a sprawling slum along the road next to that building. On 25 March the Pakistani armed force went on a killing spree at the slum. They also entered the teachers’ quarters and carried out killing and torture.Rokaiya Hasina said, the Pakistani soldiers broke down their door, entered their home and began breaking things in their drawing room. Everyone in the family was hiding under the beds. Many people that night were dragged from the slums and from the university and killed on the roof of that very building. The next morning 32 bodies were found on the roof.Rashidul Hasan and his family left that house two days later and went to stay with acquaintances in Rayer Bazar. They returned to the campus after a month. This time they moved to house no. 28 on Savage Road (now known as Isha Khan Road). Professor Anwar Pasha of the Bangla department lived in the house next door, no. 30. Anwar Pasha and Rashidul Hasan were both from the same area in Birbhum and so had developed a close friendship. Their families were close, too.Rokaiya Hasan related, on 20 September the Pakistani soldiers took her father way from the university and kept him in custody at the Ramna police station. He was accused of motivating students to join the liberation war. Rashidul Hasan’s family would visit him every day at the police station. He was released after 12 days.When air raids began in December, there were blackouts every night in Dhaka. Everyone was scared. Anwar Pasha told them to go to their house. Rokaiya recalls, “We would go to Anwar uncle’s house after dinner every night. Then every morning we would move back home after a cup of tea.” They were preparing to go back home on the morning of 12 December too when Anwar Pasha told them to have breakfast. Rashidul Hasan’s favourite meal of khichuri and omlettes was being prepared and hence the delay.Breakfast was almost ready when suddenly there was a loud knocking on the door. Anwar Pasha opened the door and about seven or eight men in khakhi oufits with their faces covered in black cloth burst in. They asked, who is Anwar Pasha? When he identified himself, they tried to push him towards the door. Rashidul Hasan went and stood in front of the door, trying to block the way.With a tremble in her voice, Rokaiya recalls, “I was so scared and I grasped abba’s hand tightly. Anwar kaka was staring at abba, as if pleading that he do something. Abba kept asking the men where they were taking Anwar Pasha. One of them was in the verandah with a paper in his hand. He asked abba’s name. When abba told them his name the man indicated the paper, telling the others, ‘His name is on the list too. Bring sir along.’ They took them both away. From the verandah we saw them being blindfolded and taken away in a minibus.”The bodies of Rashidul Hasan and Anwar Pasha were found 22 days later. The bodies of the intellectuals had been buried in two holes in a jungle area of Mirpur. Relations of the dead persons identified the bodies by their clothes. Rashidul Hasan and Anwar Pasha’s bodies were there too. After their janaza at the university central mosque, they were laid to rest by the mosque.Rashidul Hasan’s relations live in West Bengal and they wanted Rashidul Hasan’s wife and children to go back there. But they did not. “Mother would say, my husband gave his life for this land. I will not leave. She brought us up with great difficulty. We received no special help at all,” said Rokaiya.They had to leave the university quarters. When she first came to power in 1996, the prime minister Sheikh Hasina issued directives to allot a house for them, but that did not materialise. Rokaiya Hasina said they have no regrets. Their father gave his life for the country and that was their pride.*This piece, originally published in the Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Ayesha Kabir.last_img read more