Javi López reaches 14 derbies and surpasses Pochettino

LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 6, 2020 The right back had not played since day 13 against Atletico, while only participated in the first seven days before. The arrival of Pablo Machín, who opted for Victor Gomez, he relegated him to the bench, but now with Abelardo Fernández You may have more opportunities. The Sevillian completed a remarkable game, very intense in defensive work and with some projection in attack. The thorn he still has is that he has not been able to win at Barcelona on the green, because in these 14 games Espanyol has only been able to add four draws and ten losses. In which it is presumed that it may be his last season at Espanyol (contract ends June 30 with 34 years)Javi López played on Saturday his fourteenth derby, another of the bites that the captain gives to his history with the blue and white club. Far is the record for Antonio Argilés, of 25, or reach Jose Maria or Raul Tamudo, who played 23 games, but Osuna has the privilege of having already surpassed Mauricio Pochettino, who played 13, and standing next to other historical figures of the club, such as Moisés Arteaga. Victor Sanchez, who could not play due to injury, also reached that figure last year. 16 For posterity, the image with which the derby of the 2013-14 season played in Cornellà, which ended up taking Barcelona 0-1. Javi Lopez the goalkeeper shirt had to be sheathed due to the expulsion of Kiko Casilla as Javier Aguirre I had already made all three changes. The Andalusian, who has played in multiple positions at Espanyol, is the eighth footballer with the most parakeet matches in Primera. If it has continuity with Abelardo, it could exceed Manuel Zuñiga, which accumulates 259. To do this, I should add 17 matches of the remaining 19. read more

Caio Henrique and Nicolás Schiappacasse move

first_imgSchiappacasse for its part will not continue in the Famalicao and It is very close to Peñarol. The Uruguayan had only participated in four games with the Portuguese team, a total of 90 minutes. The forward given by Atlético would continue his career under the orders of Diego Forlán, New coach of the historic Uruguayan club. Schiappacasse has failed to settle in any of his last assignments, after being last season half a year in Rayo Majadahonda (15 games and one goal) and the second half of the course at Parma Italian (3 goalless games). Last Sunday he turned 21. The exit operation of the Athletic It is waiting for the arrival of Cavani to accelerate. If the incorporation of a ‘9’ does not occur, no one will have to leave. As for the ceded, Caio Henrique He seems to count the hours to officially become a Guild player. The Brazilian side He has played until January in Fluminense and the club wanted to continue counting on himbut it has been the Guild who has convinced Atlético to win the 22-year-old in a new assignmentlast_img read more

Banner of popular football

first_imgParadigm. A democratic model of popular football, in which the partners are its protagonists; a responsible directive that knows that it cannot spend more than it enters and, in case of deficit, it will have to respond to the debts. And a modern club in a Salamanca little accustomed to fresh air and changes. Unionists will be visible nationally on Wednesday when Real Madrid stars step on the modest lawn of Las Pistas, a field that is not even its own and that is owned by the municipality. A team “from and to Salamanca”. The authentic banner of popular football.From land to play against Real Madrid in five yearsFounded on August 26, 2013, Unionistas de Salamanca began competing in the 2014-2015 season. And he did it from the lowest category: the Amateur Provincial. The club achieved the promotion of category clearly and also played one of the most remembered games between the fans.On December 14, 2014, Unionists visited the Queen Sofia before him Real Salamanca Monterrey. The locals had a dirt field at the time and, due to heavy rains, it had become a real quagmire. The black and white won 2-3 in the middle of a great festive atmosphere in the stands with more than a thousand people.The mud left beautiful images for the later Unionists, which rose from Provincial to Third Division ‘without failure’ and it only took two more seasons to step on the bronze category of Spanish football.Tomorrow Wednesday, on the lawn of Las Pistas, Unionistas will have culminated a road in whose transit He has gone from playing in the Reina Sofiz area to measuring himself to one of the best teams in the world in just five years. An award for the faithful who were supporting in the mud. The summer of 2013, the Salamanca soccer player received a very hard stick: the Sports Union Salamanca . Of the different options that came out in the time after the YOU, Unionists It was the most different. A popular and democratic club in which members have a fundamental part in the destination.Javier Weaver, current vice president, and Michelangelo Sandoval, current president, promoted a movement among some fans of the extinct UDS that quickly spread. Among the benefits of the members is having decided the name of the club, the statutes, the shield, choosing the equipment every two years and, every season, deciding the amount of each card. Among the prices always stands out the figure of the ‘collaborating partner’, which pays a higher amount than the rest to help the club altruistically.But UnionistsIn addition to his lively hobby, he has behind a ‘Working Group’ of 53 people who are responsible for assembling and dismantling the advertising tarps of the field before the game, carrying social networks, acting as a speaker or even getting under The skin of the team mascot.From Provincial to Regional and from Regional to Third. Two category breaks in two seasons and the illusion of giving one more towards the Second B. On the first occasion, that dream was truncated by a 5-0 at the house of Xàtiva Olympic. But far from decaying, fans showed their desire to try again and encouraged their players for almost half an hour on the pitch. The following year, a penalty goal in minute 93 gave rise to Unionists in The clues before him Let’s shake it. The first season in Segunda B the charro team finished in positions of Copa del Rey and, thanks to that position, added to the victories against Atlético Baleares and Deportivo, Unionists will receive tomorrow (9:00 p.m., Four and DAZN) at Real Madrid.last_img read more

Two brothers reinvent the way of making the purchase in Mercadona with an Instagram filter

first_imgUsing social networks has already become a common activity of our day to day. Uploading photos or comments of what happens to us at the moment is already something of the most normal regardless of age. If we focus on Instagram, something that stands out from it are the increasingly used stories and that can be combined or not, with any of the millions of filters that this social network offers.Some of the Instagram filters that have the most popularity at the moment are those that “analyze” the face of a person and after that, provide a result. Within this type of filters there are some that look for you similar to an animal or a Disney princess, and others that randomly tell you a product or an answer to a specific question.Today there are many people who use this type of filters and share their experiences on social networks, however only a few are those who manage to become viral by doing so, as is the case of the Twitter user and his brother. Image: iStock Instagram filters that “analyze” the face are a successThey used one of these filters to make the purchase center_img These two young people used the Mercadona filter, a filter decorated with the colors and classic typography of said supermarket chain and that tells you what kind of Mercadona product you are. The user Victor Alba and his brother used this filter in a somewhat peculiar way and this was the reason why they got so much impact. One of the brothers puts himself in front of the camera with the filter that shows a great variety of Mercadona products. When the filter stops randomly in one of the items, both are arranged to search the supermarket for the product in question; getting the purchase to become much more fun. Today my brother and I have taken instagram filters to the next level: pic.twitter.com/C4yxceSorl– Victor Alba (@vicalmun) January 20, 2020The platform where these young people uploaded the videos of their experience in the Mercadona, has already been shared more than 14 million times and they have achieved that more than 88 million users have liked them. With these data, we are convinced that these videos will be the beginning of many more people putting this experience into practice in the supermarket.pic.twitter.com/R1UnPTLeTd– Victor Alba (@vicalmun) January 20, 2020last_img read more

The Alberola make double: they call today to Madrid and Castilla

first_imgRodolfo Molina & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>FOOTBALL 19/20 Antonio Alberola Rojas, next to Quique Setién.Rodolfo Molina (DAILY AS) The Alberola Rojas brothers, Antonio and Javier, will be in charge of whistling Real Madrid today against Celta and its subsidiary, Castilla, against Rayo Majadahonda. There is the strange coincidence that two brothers dedicate themselves to arbitration and that they also ring the same day at the same club.Javier, the little one with 28 years, pita in First Division, siendor the youngest referee to debut in the highest category of Spanish football. This will be the third time I whistle the whites and the second time at the Bernabéu. The first time was in a Cup match against Melilla, which ended with a 6-1 in favor of the whites. The second was this season in the victory of Mallorca 1-0. Within the CTA he is very well considered and is considered an arbitrator with a great international projection. His brother, Antonio, 29, will whistle Castilla de Raúl before the Majadahonda on Cerro del Espino. The Castilian-Manchego referee usually referees in Segunda B, but also serves as the fourth referee in LaLiga Santander matches on occasion. On February 2 he did it at Barcelona-Levante. “Many times they confuse us, they tell me that I have been arbitrating in some field and it was really my brother,” Javier recently confessed in the Game.last_img read more

Klopp’s brilliant letter to a 10-year-old boy who goes out of his way for United

first_imgWhen reading it, Jürgen Klopp did not hesitate to respond to the young United fan by thanking him for his letter and explaining the reasons why he could not attend to his request. Your arguments and your answers could not be better:“Dear Daragh, first of all I wanted to thank you for writing to me. I know you have not sent me good luck or anything like that but it is always good to listen to a young football fan, so no matter what it is, I appreciate you You’ve contacted me. Unfortunately, this time I can’t guarantee that I’ll access your request. As much as you want Liverpool to lose, my job is to do my best to win Liverpool and there are millions of people for everything the world that wants that to happen, so I don’t want to let them down. Luckily for you, we have lost games in the past and we will lose them in the future because this is football. The problem is that when you are ten years old you think everything will be always as it is now, but I can tell you with 52 years that this is definitely not the case. After reading your letter, what I can be sure of is your passion for football and your team. Manchester United is year ago rtunado for having you. I hope that if we are lucky enough to win more games and maybe raise more titles, you will not be disappointed, because although our clubs are great rivals, we also have great respect for each other. For me, that’s what football is about. Take care and good luck. “We will have to see how Liverpool is doing. At the moment, since he sent it, he has only lost in the Champions League against Atlético de Madrid. Premier League* Data updated as of February 21, 2020 Liverpool have been undefeated in the Premier League all season. Manchester United fans don’t like that, especially Daragh, a ten-year-old boy who sent a letter to Jürgen Klopp asking him to let himself win:Twitter ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>The letters sent by Daragh and Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp.Twittercenter_img “Dear Jürgen Klopp, my name is Daragh. I am 10 years old. I am from Manchester United and the reason I write is to complain. Liverpool is winning too many games. If it wins nine more it will get the record of unbeatable English football. Being a fan United is very sad. So next time, please make me lose Liverpool. You just have to let the other team score. I hope I convinced you not to win the league or any other game again. Sincerely, Daragh. “last_img read more

De Jong: “What we see now only happened in the movies”

first_imgSevilla striker Luuk de Jong spend these days of confinement in his hispanic house and attended Voetbal International to tell him about his first months in Nervión and also from the coronavirus pandemic that has arrested in Spain and a good part of the world: “It was logical that the whole country should stop to stop the spread of the virus. I’m not scaredWe footballers are in shape and we will hardly succumb to this, but I am surprised at the impact it is having. Great places they become in ghost towns, empty supermarkets, social life does not exist … This is something that normally it happened in the movies, but now he’s in the middle of all of us. “ “When you saw the outbreak in China you said to yourself: this will happen. No one had thought a few months ago could happen here, with all the consequences and the measures that have been taken. Now you lend more attention to your hygiene, you wash your hands more frequently, but you would also like to do it in the best possible way: enjoying training and playing soccer. But that is no longer possible, “adds De Jong. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 19, 2020 Although during some phases of the season have increased criticism against him, Luuk de Jong feels satisfied with their performance during the first months at Sevilla, especially since it is not just about scoring goals. “I grew up enormously as a footballer during my years at PSV. Monchi and the technicians They brought me for a reason and I think it has worked well. I am a Forward, but also I’m proud ofand contribute to our goal is at zero. “ And talk about previous derby, in which he marked: “Here we have the passion and the poison of South of Europe. In the Netherlands We don’t know what it’s like for two big clubs in a city to play against each other. There is people who tell me that will always be grateful for having scored in the derby against Betis. Doing so much of the victory I think I have already written a bit of history here. “The Ram praises the way of Seville life, at least the one before the coronavirus confined people: “There really is no nothing to complain about In this city. We have a good squad, we do things together. There is great food, the atmosphere is very relaxed. The city is beautiful and full of restaurants. I chose the club for its ambition and its history, but the good life in Seville was an extra. Normally people live on the street, It’s very funny. And the weather is wonderful, now it’s about 25 degrees and the sun almost always shines. “last_img read more

Falcón’s great fight in his second crusader injury

first_imgFalcon, that you have received the most important support from his family, friends and all his teammates, rose stronger from his injury in the crusader in 2017, performing at a high level in Atlético from where last summer decided return to Barça. In the Catalan club, he has played eight league games and two Champions League matches this season, acting as end or side on the left wing. The one from Arucas appreciates the fact of being when facing an injury of this level: “We have the best medical services in the world. The club has the best personnel, both doctors, physiotherapists and retractors, as well as all the necessary material to be able to make the recovery in the best possible way. “On the injury, Falcón indicates that the experience has helped him take recovery better. “The first time it happened to me, the injury taught me that it was much, much stronger than I thought. It is what helps me get over it now. If I already did, why this time does it have to be different? “, the footballer points out.A scar that marks a challengeAndrea Falcón, who was close from Stay outside From the past world Due to a problem in the sole of the foot, she has been accompanied by injuries during her career. Despite this, the canary has not stopped reap success, with six Leagues and two Cups in his record. The footballer is shown very positive Regarding the recovery of his serious injury, from which he points out that “this time he is being everything easierSuch an injury always goes uphill. Be so long without your partners it’s complicated. However, having lived it before makes me know what steps to follow, the feelings I have to have and if they are normal or not, “says Arucas.“It is a difficult injury. During recovery, you live on a roller coaster: a few days the knee is great and you are happy; and the next day it hurts and you get the slump and want to quit. Even so, with work and effort it is overcome. Do not give up“declares Falcón, looking at the scar from the operation on his knee with a single thought: “Back better than I was.” Minute 14 of the Espanyol-Barça derby (0-4) on December 16. Soccer stopped again for Andrea Falcón (Arucas, Las Palmas, 23 years old). The Canarian player relapsed at that time in one of the injuries most feared by footballers: the ligament tear anterior crossover. For the second time in his career, First on the knee of the right leg and this time from the left, the Barça ’21’ was faced the operating room and to a recovery that, at least, would leave him six months without being able to play. “I knew it before they confirmed it to me, from the moment I made the gesture in the game and noticed that feeling. For a few seconds i stayed on the ground and I relived in my head the eleven months that I spent without playing because of that same injury three years ago“indicates the player in an interview with AS.The left-handed lane, which he caught the quarantine in half of his recovery, performs all the indications that Barça medical specialists send them from their home in Las Palmas. “It is not costing me much, the truth. Right now I am in a phase of the injury where I work the muscle. For this, I have different materials such as rubbers, a TRX, a medicine ball and a step to make the exercises what me day by day“, recounted the Spanish international, after explaining how the confinement is living:” I try keep a routine to keep your mind busy and not think so much about this situation. “The player, graduated in psychology, emphasizes that she is” eager to return. ” “I know I’ll be back. It will take time and it will be hard, but I will work to make it as soon as possible, “he says.last_img read more

The threat of having to provide a guarantee returns to Real Madrid

first_imgHowever the Legislation additionally says that this guarantee will be lifted when the board of administrators, within the course of its mandate, has collected advantages for a similar quantity. Within the case of Madrid, that endorsement of 2009 rose to the fourth time period of workplace. Since 2009, Madrid has a backpack of collected advantages of 324 million euros. However this marketing campaign will probably be diminished. And there are recurring bills corresponding to the virtually 30 million annual mortgage for the stadium and the amortization of the most recent signings: Hazard, Vinicius, Rodrigo, Reinier … The cash from the primary sponsors (Adidas, Fly Emirates …) ought to proceed to come. But when the accounts get out of hand, the likelihood of having to endorse exists. There are elections, as well as, in 2021, and Florentino prolonged the rule to the necessity to have to pre-avail simply to stand for the elections … It’s a distant chance however not unimaginable if the well being disaster persists. That Madrid’s board of administrators, now headed by Florentino Pérez, has to endorse 15% of the entity’s funds, which as we speak is 822 million euros (the guarantee, due to this fact, should be 123 million of euros).The solely 4 non-SAD golf equipment, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic and Osasuna, are required by the Sports activities Legislation to maintain collectively accountable boards of administrators for attainable administration losses. At the start of every season they have to guarantee 15% of that funds to reply for these attainable losses. Within the case of Madrid, when Florentino Pérez turned president for the second time in 2009, his board of administrators had to endorse 15% of that funds. Then, the guarantee was 75 million (for a funds of 500). It’s already for 123 million guarantee …last_img read more