What’s the difference between an account manager and an account operator

blog articles have been updated many account level operation of the articles, if you see a friend should learn a lot, so today we from some angles of thinking bidding competent to let you know before the overthrow, just stay in the account operation stage, do real account managers, then get rid of the data bound us it we control the change of the data, read here are not very impulsive ideas, if not then do not continue reading, the following content is not much help or you have got to the stage for you, I may be too much, if you want to change from the angle of thinking, want to get rid of bidding specialist, then read. read more

SWJ is it really necessary for me to make an original

Hello, today, Shanghai SEO (SWJ) and you talk about the original content of the blog, SWJ has been the original content is not particularly large, reproduced is relatively large. Not because I can’t write. But that is their own original content but also the first hand resources, but I hope to turn SEO-SH into a let you can not only know SEO more hope of "diversified extension" to go out.

teacher once told SWJ, "your brain is so dead, you must think it over with divergent thinking" (no wonder that all 95% of the exams except sports are failed. Be ashamed。 SEO, I like to go to the site planning content, to celebrity blog drilling, more like to go on the Internet wandering around, change the "north and South", appreciate "countries customs"". read more

Secret using thunder crazy way to do traffic true

uses thunder to do traffic, somebody praises oneself can do day 1 million IP. I’m depressed. 1 million is indeed exaggerated point, that so-called "master" also do not want to use the thunder to download your Dongdong will have 1 million times? Is it the 1 million time you can get 1 million of the IP? It is bragging force!

!I dare not say that

here with the thunder download information that one can get how much traffic, but traffic method can be used for reference: not everyone can get traffic, need some skills. The complete method is as follows: (almost all the network cheats are folk prescription): read more

Some insights on nteractive Design nnovation innovation or lack of improvement

everyone calls for innovation, I want to challenge innovation, I’m afraid it will not die. So, I’m not going to challenge, I’d like to ask:

question 1: what exactly is innovation? What is different from that is innovation?

question two: how to create, no goal, try various changes, when a change has brought good results, it can be fixed, you can call it "innovation",

then I’d like to focus on design innovations. I don’t really know anything else.


for the design of innovation, can be concerned about is often the performance form, the process, information architecture, the performance model of innovation, not easy to be seen, it is not very easy to be understood, although these products for a greater value, but for the purpose of innovation of the designer or engage in innovative forms on the wise. read more

Purchased the domain name for the record into the blacklist rough domain name record

said that once in the domain name record blacklist is a death sentence, light at home can not find the place, while domain names cannot be resolved! This was precisely the bad things I met! A few months ago, because the team needs, ready to build a professional mobile game platform. So in CN purchased the domain name: 77L.com, then saw the domain name has three main points, a domain name, a short, good appearance; two, euphony, together musicians, comply with the site location; three, the old domain, convenient SEO. A good domain name, it is the first step of success, so the team full of confidence to start planning, design, frame server, web development system, based on our high starting point high input of the regular operation of the site, so we are also in the development of a web site to start site filing procedures, did not expect.. That’s how the nightmare started, read more

The most worthy of the nternet advertising alliance

, CPA, CPS online advertising has been quite popular abroad, and very mature, it is the website, forums, blog and other profitable channels for one of the main website, blog owners, advertisers love. In our country, the advertisement of CPA and CPS is in the ascendant. With the rise of Internet, it has been highly praised and gradually matured.

CPA, however, the success of the CPS advertising alliance is not easy, mature CPA, CPS advertising alliance is very rare, or poor management, life is not long; or a poor reputation, guobayin die; or speculation is too strong, and "More haste, less speed." need to know CPA network advertising alliance success mature than ground advertising company’s success, mature, reputation, patience and service have to pay many times, and in carrying these quality factors in one, is experienced and steady, steady, yet innovative CPA& CPS advertising, I think the results of network advertising alliance is commendable, the success of a mature advertising alliance. read more

Local economic recovery plant site earnings continued to rise

a lot of individual owners in the past few years have invested into the construction of the local industry site, condensed local popularity, a single professional market is large and empty entertainment sites more profitable, and more long-term interests also seems to have become a consensus. I was no exception, last year, the establishment of the Suzhou local low-key turn plant site, and achieved a certain effect of


the local industry site profitability is often popularity with the economic trend and network change, for individual webmaster, last year really is not a good year, the global economic downturn, resulting in a lot of local factory warehouse and workshop network idle, and there was little interested employers, although gradually increased the release of information people every day however, the demand was gradually reduced, it also gives people a false illusion of release: release no effect! So the advertising revenue is not very ideal, barely maintain website operation. At that time and regional investment office dealing with, they learned from the mouth, not only small owners, even the official investment office is also neglected read more

How do webmasters follow the trend of running the website

website promotion in most webmaster eyes to the flow, such as in the Forum promotion, press promotion and so on, and the webmaster would use hot or other topics to enliven the promotion, the promotion methods may have effect, but with the webmaster more and more use of the effect is gradually reduced, in the face of this situation must be another means of promotion: contrarian promotion society.

denounce competitors and enliven promotion methods

if the 360 friends will certainly understand that 360 is a way to denounce the development to the present, from the beginning of the Tencent to denounce Kingsoft to Baidu, 360 tactics are expanding their own strength in protest, from a small number of companies grow and become the Brand Company now known to every family 360, can be said to rely on the promotion strategy is to denounce the competitors, and then competition against each other, in the process of gradually promote their strengths, and allow more users to accept. 360 to do this step, our website why not? Especially for the place now website, a place appeared in dozens of local sites, to their own local website can foothold to obtain the local site, the support of the masses, we are not to denounce what the rest of the website and pointed out each other’s deficiencies, and then reveal their own advantages, the masses will naturally make a choice. read more

How far away is success The network complex of a disabled stationmaster

an operation in the early autumn of 1998 changed my life. The heart surgery caused my bilateral vocal cord paralysis, lost the language function, and was breathing through the stoma of the trachea. I became a disabled person.

I was 23 years old, suffering, loss, despair, life after. I can’t go out every day. I can only stay at home. Cousin to see me alone, gave me assembled a computer (used 486 upgrade), so with the computer company, life has a lot of fun. Mixed dark computer game on the day of period of time, I began to get online. read more

ncrease interactivity by allowing users to glue onto your website

how to increase the interactivity of the site, has become the 2012 electricity supplier enterprises hottest topic, and now many of the electricity supplier sites are also in the "cement" site to "thinking" of the site transformation. If you are also in the electricity business circle, you should also consider how to increase the interactivity of the website.

The traditional

business website, the interaction is very limited, the website is probably the only interaction in the commodity comments above, and many sites "junk" comments that many consumers of these so-called comments no longer believe, so it can be said that the interaction of the traditional electricity supplier website is almost 0. The result of no interaction is that the user page stays short and the jump rate is higher. read more

Baidu crazy under the webmaster how to help yourself

"6.28" for all owners as the "Wenchuan earthquake", many webmaster elaborations of the site one night by the station collapsed, many speculators night group in the network based on field drain. Although Baidu later made some adjustments, but in fact there, by gathering a batch of avoid leaning to either side, and the pseudo original site has not in the scene, unable to make improvements.


website also suffered in the adjustment of Baidu, Baidu was included in 1, from the 0 included only one step away. But the author’s Web site miraculously survived. As a more than two years old station, the author has too much to give up and miss, through unremitting efforts, the site miraculously survived, and the site rankings, included and so on has greatly improved. Here, I want to talk about my views from my recent mentality and self-help measures, and I hope I can learn from them. read more

From the user experience to see the fall of Sohu

goes to Sina every day to watch the news and send his PV up to 100. We all do websites, and that’s very telling. PV high means good user experience. News websites correspond to the timeliness, accuracy and comfortable reading experience of news.

read the news of sina, Conscience Discovery, opened the Sohu home page. This view, and finally found the two eight years of keeping pace with the door, why one of the fallen?.

to illustrate the problem, I found the same reports both of them reprinted. The title is: read more

Does the website do flow all depend on Baidu Google

Internet site for ten years, a year of exploration, has something to say, today, want to say is not rely on search website promotion, ten years ago, many famous websites have been summon wind and call for rain and how do they do that? Only that not only BAIDU, GOOGLE can save network station. It’s not just that they let the webmaster win the host, what can save our website, how to improve the popularity of the website?

1, personal reputation, why do you say so? Websites such as people, reputation outside, afraid of no one, like the former president of Greater China GOOGLE Mr. Li Kaifu, he founded the "Innovation workshop" need to please BAIDU? read more

Discussion on writing experience of network soft text

below describes 3 types of soft text to everyone, I hope to be able to help:

, the first · forum articles

Before the

to write text, we need to study the media and target users, is the so-called enemy awareness. BBS is the earliest form of popularization of the Internet, is the basis of the Internet, the importance of self-evident. Taking into account the forum user posting and top affixed mechanism, so the main function of soft text is to allow users to active top paste, increase the exposure of soft text. Without the type of forum corresponding to the user habits are not the same, in writing soft text, these have to first seriously observe, think carefully. If you want to do a thing well, you must do lots of simple and boring things. read more

nformation port of Jiangxi some experience of doing local classification platform

Site location

Jiangxi information port of www.hijiangxi.com is to provide a comprehensive information platform of Jiangxi letter mainly! For a local class website, do stand for nearly four months, has been ranked first in the major search! The real traffic flow reached 2000IP/! ALEXA=2 ranked 700 thousand portals (that look, now Jiangxi can also be half a worthy of the name.). I hope everyone will come up with their own experience and communicate with each other!


first: seriously do the content, seriously do the team! read more

How to make your site more friendly on mobile devices

there is no doubt that this is a mobile Internet era, everywhere iPhone, Android mobile phone and tablet computer users in every hour and moment confirmed this point, then, your old website or blog is too horrible to look at on a mobile device? Have you ever thought about making your website on a mobile device to be more friendly more users to accept and love? This article will try to help you solve this problem.

1. Why do you need a friendly mobile website,


according to "2012Q2 China Mobile application market quarterly monitoring report", as of the second quarter of 2012, China’s smart phone users reached 290 million, an increase of 15.1%. read more

How to deal with the collection of articles for originality

is the original article rarely, those things that happen every day, a lot of portal site content is collected, but they collected more clever, they have a lot of editing, in the acquisition of the processing time to take some skills.

now, there are hundreds of thousands of stations in large and small, and every stationmaster is doing his best to study how to attract his eyes. This station as the impossible to put all things gathered in, we have to know how to choose the good content and the theme of your website to meet, even the garbage station (i.e. no original content is the most other content acquisition station) at an early stage may not care about, but after a period of time, the garbage station is the rubbish is dead. read more

How do novice sellers improve the browsing of Taobao stores

is a Taobao novice seller, facing the biggest problem is not to find sources, but why want every day online, commodity shop updated daily, but still no one views the shop No one shows any interest in,? Our dear bosses, not only for you, it is time to take the initiative of the Oh, a few opinion below the new hope for some help sellers oh.

one, go to Taobao community, each big forum posts, top stick

go to the Taobao community posted, remember that a friend of the Taobao community post top stick is not of much use, because there are most sellers, hey, do wrong, in fact, the Taobao community post top stick, or have some help. First of all, the Taobao community there are many sellers also lurk many buyers and sellers have to dress well, to eat, as long as you will fine enough, enough fire, browse your shop will be increased. Must be made to attract someone new, post when not brief, should be targeted to express their opinions and views, in order to attract the attention of others. There is to go to major forums, soft Wen, this need to study more oh. In the choice of forums at the same time, we must choose the number of online more, so you see more talent posts, but to help yourself stick top, or soon, the post will sink, oh, read more

Discussion on operation and income of talent network in the new era

small talent network

generally small talent net is a technical background, built a small website, or from sales, to spend money to find someone to build a talent website, and then collected positions in the talent website, enterprise information more and more keywords, search engines are included, flow come, not included, dead.


websites such as talent network keyword is very special, general XX company, XX company, the key enterprises in addition to the site originally to, few other places of this kind of words, so the keyword optimization is relatively simple, the most simple way is to try to collect more information and position information of enterprise recruitment. Traffic has come, advertising revenue has come. read more

50 days site record serial seventh days site should have plan

    from the beginning of writing this series of articles began today has been a week, 7 days, or harvest, and know that their writing level is really bad, and later to exercise more. What should I write today? In fact, I have no plans for myself. These 50 days should be what I think to write and what to write. But we do not stop, we must have their own detailed plan stands, as the saying goes, Forewarned is forearmed. Today, let me talk about my plan to do this station and share with you: read more