Manhunt continues in northern Manitoba Monday Beverly AndrewsAPTN NewsThe search for the two men wanted in connection to the death of a young couple and another man in British Columbia continues in northern Manitoba.And RCMP got some help from Winnipeg’s own Bear Clan Patrol – an Indigenous neighbourhood watch group.So much so, that Bear Clan volunteers think they spotted the suspects scrounging in the landfill in York Landing.last_img

Canadas privacy commissioner launches investigation into Equifax data breach

Canada’s privacy watchdog said Friday it has opened an investigation into the massive Equifax Inc. data breach after receiving several complaints and dozens of calls from concerned Canadians.“The investigation is a priority for our office given the sensitivity of the personal information that Equifax holds,” the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said in an announcement on its website.It added that the credit monitoring company will notify all impacted Canadians in writing as soon as possible. Equifax is used by many creditors to get reports on consumers’ credit histories, which include information such as social insurance numbers, credit card numbers and home addresses.Equifax said on Sept.7 that it was the victim of a massive cyberattack that may have compromised the personal data of as many as 143 million Americans and a limited number of Canadian and U.K. residents.Canada’s privacy watchdog first said on Tuesday that it was “prioritizing” an examination into Equifax’s hack and would work with data protection authorities in Canada after news of the leak was made public, months after it first learned about the breach.The watchdog said Tuesday it asked the credit monitoring company to tell Canadians as soon as possible if their information was stolen and to adopt measures to help them. However, in its update Friday it said that Equifax would not be calling individual consumers and warned about potential scam phone calls from those trying to take advantage of the breach.It advised Canadians to hang up if anyone calls them claiming to be affiliated with Equifax — regardless of what the caller ID says.On Friday, the company said fewer than 400,000 British consumer had some of their personal information compromised, but it was more limited in scope and unlikely to lead to identity theft.Equifax has yet to specify how many individuals in Canada were impacted. Equifax has not responded to multiple requests for comment.The credit monitoring company’s call centre staff have told callers that only Canadians that have credit files in the U.S. were likely to be impacted. However, the privacy commissioner said that at this point, it is not clear that the affected data was limited to Canadians with U.S. dealings.Some consumers have expressed concern about the lack of information and communication about the breach, one of the largest online data breaches in history.“The company was a victim of fraud and didn’t alert its consumers,” said Bethany Agnew-Americano, the lead plaintiff in a proposed class action filed in Ontario on Sept. 12.She said the credit monitoring company makes money from offering identity theft protection and fraud alert services, and it needs to be held accountable.The Canadian Automobile Association said Thursday it partnered with Equifax on its identity protection program and is notifying the roughly 10,000 members who participated that they may have had sensitive data divulged in the security breach made public last week. It said that it was writing to the privacy commissioner to ask that the office push Equifax to provide more information to Canadians, adding that “Equifax has not been forthcoming with information to us despite our repeated requests.”The privacy commissioner’s office said that Equifax will also offer free credit monitoring to Canadians that are affected. Equifax also said Friday it is offering identity protection services to British consumers, similar to the program it had already been offering to Americans.There have been at least two class actions filed on behalf of Canadians whose information was stored on Equifax databases, alleging Equifax breached its contract with class members as well as their privacy rights, was negligent in handling their information, and breached provincial privacy statutes.Equifax identified a weakness in an open-source software package called Apache Struts as the technological crack that allowed hackers to heist Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses and full legal names from a massive database maintained primarily for lenders.— With files from The Associated Press read more

JHU says will oppose 20th Amendment to the Constitution

The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) says it will strongly oppose the 20th Amendment to the Constitution.JHU General Secretary Patali Champika Ranawaka said that the 20th Amendment to the Constitution will cause instability in the country and pose a threat to democracy. He said that the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, which was submitted to Parliament by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) last week, proposes that the Executive Powers with the President be removed and transferred to the Prime Minister and the cabinet. Ranawaka said that the position of the JHU is that matters like National security should be in the hands of the President and so the President must remain as the Executive President. (Colombo Gazette) read more

UN agencies vow to implement millennium development report

A host of specialized United Nations agencies today rallied behind a new strategy report for reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of slashing the world’s ills by 2015, pledging their specific expertise in sectors ranging from feeding the hungry to treating the sick to empowering the rural poor.“In a world that has abundant resources and can produce sufficient food to feed everybody, the extent of hunger is not only a moral outrage but a manifestation of the world community’s collective failure to put in place policies and programmes with long-term vision,” the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) said in a joint statement.“We believe that there is no choice but to meet the goals,” the statement issued by FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf, WFP Executive Director James Morris and IFAD President Lennart Båge said of the Millennium Project report – “Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals” – launched yesterday at UN Headquarters in New York with a call for rich countries to double their investments in poor nations.The three Rome-based agencies advocated a twin-track strategy to combat hunger and poverty by investing in improved infrastructure, sound natural resource management and increased access to jobs while providing direct, sustained and well-targeted assistance to put food into hungry mouths, prevent disease, send children to school and rebuild infrastructure shattered by armed conflicts.Despite concern that many countries, most of them in sub-Saharan Africa, are falling behind in attempts to achieve the MDGs, the three reconfirmed their belief that the targets could be reached if both the developing and developed world take immediate action.The MDGs, drawn up at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000, seek among other targets to halve extreme poverty and malnutrition, slash infant and maternal mortality, and boost access to health care and education, all by 2015.More than 1 billion people – one sixth of the world’s population – live in extreme poverty, lacking the safe water, proper nutrition, basic health care and social services needed to survive. Almost 11 million children die each year, 6 million of them under the age of five from preventable diseases, 500,000 thousand women do not survive pregnancy or childbirth, and there are presently 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS.The World Health Organization (WHO) said the report provided detailed recommendations on how the world must immediately and massively increase investment in health programmes to achieve the MDGs, including programmes to deliver AIDS treatment, improve maternal and child health, control and treat tuberculosis and malaria, and make more medicines affordable.“We have the means to achieve those goals. We have the technology. What we need are the resources and the political will,” WHO Director-General Lee Jong-wook said. “We cannot wait any longer to do what we have promised to achieve in the coming decade.”For its part, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said that the report’s proposals, including bed nets to fight malaria, vaccinations to fight infectious disease, wells for safe drinking water and antiretroviral therapies to fight AIDS, if implemented on a wide scale, could make a measurable difference in the lives of children.“The MDGs are all about investing in children, and this report is fundamental to the global effort to create a world that is fit for children,” UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy said. “We could not support it more strongly.”And the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) noted the report’s focus on ensuring universal access to reproductive health as critical to attaining poverty reduction and development goals and stressed the urgency in ending discrimination against women.“The 20th century was known for ending political apartheid,” UNFPA Executive Director Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, said. “Since this report says our generation has a chance to halve extreme poverty, let us all – developing and developed nations – seize this one moment in time to do so by also freeing women from all forms of discrimination, bias and violence.“In doing so, we will make our generation and the 21st century remembered in history for ending gender apartheid. I pledge UNFPA’s commitment to this cause.”The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) noted that the report finds that environmental sustainability is a critical foundation for ending poverty. “The environment has for too long been the poor relation to economic growth,” UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer said. “This very welcome report makes it clear that real, long-lasting and secure development can only be achieved if the environment is put at the centre of decision-making.” read more

Conflict prevention mediation among most important tools to reduce human suffering Guterres

“When we act early, and are united, we can successfully prevent crises from escalating, saving lives and reducing suffering – fulfilling the most fundamental mandate of the United Nations”, he continued. To further these aims, Mr. Guterres told the chamber that the UN was working with various parties to conflict, together with partners for peace, in regions and countries across the world.  He noted some “encouraging signs”, such as successful constitutional transfers of power in Mali and Madagascar; the rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea; the revitalized agreement in South Sudan; and, after decades of dispute, “the designation of the Republic of North Macedonia to be internationally recognized”.    UN Photo/Loey Felipe | Secretary-General António Guterres addresses the UN Security Council during a meeting on conflict prevention and mediation. (12 June 2019) ​​The UN also continues to push back against serious challenges posed by complex conflicts.  While the Stockholm Agreement in Yemen between Government and Houthi opposition was “an important step”, the UN chief noted that “that must now move to a negotiated settlement”. In the Central African Republic, the UN is helping to implement the African Union-mediated peace agreement; conducting robust operations to ensure armed groups’ adherence and facilitating local peace accords. And in Burkina Faso, it is working with a wide range of national actors to strengthen infrastructures for peace in response to rising sectarian violence.   Obstacles abound Despite these efforts, enormous obstacles remain, including wars that continue to rage as “external actors dither or even fuel the violence” and as non-State armed groups and militias fragment, causing even greater chaos.  Moreover a resurgence of populism and policies contribute to resentment, marginalization and extremism, even in societies that are not at war, rolling back human rights and the progress that has been made over recent decades on gender and inclusion, said the UN chief.  It’s civilians “who pay the price”, he underscored. Solutions prevail Mr. Guterres elaborated on a broad range of tools set out in Chapter VI of the UN Charter and urged government to “make full use” of them. “Sustainable Development is an end in itself, but it is also one of the most effective tools we have to prevent conflict”, Mr. Guterres stressed. “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is our blueprint to create resilient, stable societies and to address the root causes of violence of all kinds”.  He spelled out that his means “a strong focus on inclusivity, with a special emphasis on mainstreaming women’s rights and gender equality across our prevention and mediation work”. While progress on women’s participation in formal peace processes is “still lagging”, the UN chief said, “we will continue to use creative strategies to advance women’s participation, building on previous efforts including the Syrian Women’s Advisory Board and the Yemeni Women’s Technical Advisory Group”.  Prevention and mediation will not work without broader political efforts – UN chiefNoting that some 600 million youth in fragile and conflict-affected states have a vital contribution to make to mediation and peacebuilding processes, he drew attention to the first International Symposium for Youth Participation in Peace Processes earlier this year as “an important step forward”.   “Independent actors and non-governmental organizations, including the Elders, are a critical complementary element to our efforts”, added the UN chief.  “But let’s not fool ourselves,” he continued. “Prevention and mediation will not work without broader political efforts”. The Secretary-General urged the Council and all Member States, “to strive for greater unity so that prevention and mediation efforts are as effective as possible” calling it “the only way to meet our responsibilities to the people we serve.” Spirit of inclusive dialogue  Speaking as Chair of The Elders, a group of independent global leaders founded by Nelson Mandela, to promote good governance and ethical leadership, former Irish President Mary Robinson urged the Council to approach the topics in the “spirit of inclusive dialogue and willingness to work for compromise and consensus in the interests of peace”.  “This strong, common voice is needed more than ever at this current time, when the deceptive allure of populism and isolationism is growing across all continents, from North and South America to Africa, Asia and Europe” he stated. Faced with complex, multi-faceted and gravely serious challenges, Mr. Ban said it was “profoundly irresponsible”, that politicians “collude in or deliberately stoke illusions” for their own gain, in full knowledge that no one country, however powerful, will be able to meet the global challenges on its own. “The working methods of the Council could be improved” he maintained, advising members to “agree on a joint common position to address conflicts in their early stages”, including through timely and strong statements. Turning to the nuclear threat, Mr. Ban that said the “risks of nuclear conflict are higher than they have been in several decades”. There is also the risk, he said, that “the whole architecture of arms control and nuclear non-proliferation that was built up during the decades of superpower confrontation may collapse, through a combination of neglect, hubris and ill-founded threat analysis…The consequences of failure do not bear contemplation”, he concluded. UN Photo/Loey Felipe | Mary Robinson, former Irish president and a member of The Elders, addresses a UN Security Council meeting on conflict prevention and mediation. (12 June 2019) ​​​​​​She painted a picture of fear, conflict and despair “from the streets of Khartoum to the townships of Harare; the bombed-out hospitals of Idlib to the ruined schools of Yemen; and the slums of Gaza to the Rohingya refugee camps of Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh”.  “Over the decades the Council – and, particularly, its five permanent members – has failed to live up to its responsibilities and has favored realpolitik or short-term power stratagems rather than meeting the solemn commitments outlined in the UN Charter, she spelled out. “Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the repeated use of the veto by certain permanent members on resolutions aimed to prevent mass atrocities, including the use of chemical weapons on civilians” she stressed, adding that “the international community must not wait until a major tragedy”. Council’s strong voice needed ‘more than ever’ – former UN chief When the Security Council can cooperate and speak with a strong common voice, “its decisions can have a decisive impact, former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Chamber. “When the Council can cooperate & speak with a strong common voice, its decisions can have a decisive impact.” –Elders’ Deputy Chair Ban Ki-moon, addressing the UN Security Council. #UNSC— The Elders (@TheElders) June 12, 2019 read more

Africa is burning of Beach Handball

African handballBeach handballKenya handball October 2018 is time when all best that global sports have will gather in Buenos Aires in ocassion of new Youth Olympic Games. For the first time, Beach Handball will be on the programme of the Games. It is one more proof that sand version of our sport is already well spread around the World. Anyway it’s not reason to stop with expansion through “IHF trophy project” for Beach Handball.April was dedicade for further development in the countries of East Africa. First, Uganda’s city of Entebbe, situated on lake Victoria, hosted basic course which was combination of theoretical classes with practical training sessions.Later, similar course but of higher level, was held in Mombasa, Kenya. Crowdy city on the cost of Indian ocean “saw” 5-days course which was crowned by one day tournament for female and male teams, with participation of four teams in each. Best of the players were elected on the lists of first Kenyan ever Beach Handball national teams.Last month, Morocco hosted lecturer Khaled Hassan and soon IHF lecturer Tom van Linder will visit Togo.Soon, as part of mentioned developing project of IHF, players in national teams from Beach Handball’s emerging countries in this part of Africa will be able to play first matches under thier national flags.This summer will be “marked” by VII Beach Handball World Championship that will be held from July 12 till July 17 in Hungarian capital Budapest.TEXT: X.Q ← Previous Story Czechoslovak handball league starts from season 2017/2018! Next Story → Vote for the VELUX EHF CL 2015/2016 All Star Team read more

Aspiring geek musician plays Still Alive using old floppy drives and an

first_imgBefore you throw out those old floppy drives you had stored in a box in the garage, you may want to take a look at a code project that breathes new life into those doorstops. How so you ask? By making sweet, sweet music for gaming geeks across the world. Introducing Moppy, a musical floppy controller that was written to run on an Arduino Uno.Created by user SammyIAm, Moppy uses a Java interface with the Arduino to send MIDI tracks to each drive, forcing them to use their distinctive reading noises to create full length songs. For demonstration purposes, SammyIAM recreated the tune “Still Alive” from Portal, which you can watch in the video below.Making floppy drives sing for the world isn’t as daunting a process as one might think. If you have an Arduino and some old drives, you simply need to hook up the STEP pins on the floppy readers to the even pins on the board, then connect the DIRECTION pins on the drives to the odd numbered posts to complete the loop. (Sammy also stresses that users should ground the board with the drives, so make sure to do that)The software side is pretty basic, you need the drivers for the Arduino, some Java code, and, of course, the Moppy controller. These magical pieces of software combine to allow you to play any MIDI you can get your grubby little hands on, at whatever tempo you wish. It certainly takes some fine tuning, but in no time you will be conducting a full floppy orchestra, who knows you may even be the Bach of the geek world.Read more on Sammy’s GitHublast_img read more

Pour séduire leur femelle ces poissons poussent des grognements

first_imgPour séduire leur femelle, ces poissons poussent des grognementsChez certaines espèces de poissons comme les cabillauds et les colins, le mâle séduit la femelle en lui jouant une étrange sérénade à base de grognements. C’est ce que suggère une nouvelle étude menée par des chercheurs de l’Association écossaise pour les sciences marines. Pour séduire une femelle il faut savoir chanter… Ou plutôt grogner, si l’on en croit certains poissons qui peuplent les mers du globe. Une récente étude menée par des chercheurs de l’Association écossaise pour les sciences marines, affirme les mérites d’une bonne sérénade à base de grognements. Une discipline dans laquelle cabillauds, colins et morues font preuve d’un incroyable talent.Pour en arriver à de telles conclusions, les chercheurs ont examiné attentivement le comportement de ces poissons lors de la saison de reproduction. Leurs sujets d’études appartenaient alors à deux populations distinctes capturées en Ecosse d’une part dans le Firth of Clyde, une vaste étendue d’eau côtière, d’autre part dans le détroit d’Arisaig.Leurs observations indiquent que pour convaincre une femelle de s’accoupler, le mâle se lance dans une performance vocale composée de sons très similaires à des bourdonnements. La prestation dure environ 15 minutes et est généralement répétée pour chaque partenaire potentielle.Un gage de qualité ? À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Selon les biologistes marins, les grognements pourraient représenter un gage de qualité pour la potentielle partenaire. Celle-ci de son côté choisirait le prétendant à la voix la plus grave et profonde. Un grand classique. Attention toutefois à ne pas se méprendre. La séduction du cabillaud et de ses congénères ne se limite pas au simple fait de faire du bruit comme le souligne Lindsay Wilson, doctorante impliquée dans le projet de recherche. Elle souligne au Telegraph : “Les poissons ne produisent pas seulement des grognements, mais les produisent de manière rythmique, selon un certain modèle”.D’après les chercheurs, ces performances sont effectuées majoritairement la nuit. Elles requièrent par ailleurs un grand investissement énergétique pour le mâle. Après 15 minutes de grognements, les colins prennent 45 minutes pour se reprendre avant de retenter. Cette période de récupération s’élève à plus d’une heure chez les morues et cabillauds. Le 21 avril 2014 à 16:26 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Test results reveal little in salmonella outbreak

first_imgNew laboratory test results are providing little insight into the origin of a salmonella outbreak linked to an east Vancouver restaurant. Meanwhile, public health officials report their investigation costs have reached $44,000.After shutting down the On the Border restaurant on Oct. 9, county health inspectors spent the day taking samples from surfaces throughout the restaurant to try to determine the source of the outbreak. Dr. Alan Melnick, Clark County health officer, said Wednesday those tests all came back negative for salmonella.Some of the surfaces had been cleaned by restaurant staff prior to health inspectors retrieving samples. That means the source could have been cleaned, or the bacteria was spreading by another method, such as a sick food handler or tainted food, he said.“We’re never going to be able to say definitively what caused this,” Melnick said. “I wish we could all feel better with a definitive answer as to the cause.”The restaurant’s management did not respond to messages left Wednesday by The Columbian.Melnick said pinpointing the cause of food-borne illness outbreaks is difficult and rare.The restaurant has been linked to 117 confirmed and probable cases of salmonella as of Wednesday morning. Public health staff interviewed those who got sick and, in some cases, their dining companions who didn’t. Those interviews and a statistical analysis revealed a handful of food items in common among people who got ill, Melnick said.last_img read more

As lands uplift a wetland refuge in Juneau is losing ground

first_imgFrank Rue stands in his backyard. The Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge was established in 1976. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/Alaska’s Energy Desk)You’d think with all those glaciers melting around Southeast Alaska, sea levels would be rising. But that’s not the case.Listen nowSome parts of the region are actually gaining ground at a pretty astounding pace. But as the tideline moves, a protected wetland in Juneau is shrinking.The view from Frank Rue’s house overlooking the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge in Juneau didn’t always look like this. He lives in a neighborhood called Sunny Point. But he says his kids used to come in from playing outside covered in mud.“The story was, and I don’t know if it was true, that it was originally called Mud Point,” Rue said. “Because there was a lot more mud out here and even a gravel beach and then it was renamed Sunny Point.”Sunny Point sounds like a safer real estate investment. Today, this neighborhood mostly lives up to that namesake.From Rue’s back porch, you can see a field of long grass that stretches across to the Gastineau Channel. The tide only makes it up to this spot below Rue’s house a couple times a year. So, technically this is still a wetland.“You know, I see ducks using these little ponds here. Eagles are using this edge to hunt,” Rue said.But the land right outside Rue’s house is fairly new. And there’s a geologic explanation for why the view has changed so much since his kids were small.Juneau is rising by about a half an inch a year. That rate differs from place to place. But overall, across the region the uplift is fast.“As far as we know, these are the fastest rates in the world,” Roman Motyka, a retired glaciologist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, said.Motyka says what’s causing the land to rise up is a phenomenon known as isostatic rebound. As glaciers retreat, the absence of pressure from the ice causes the land to spring up.“All you have to do is walk out to Mendenhall Glacier and see what’s going on,” Motyka said. “As a glaciologist, I hate to see my poor glaciers wasting away but that seems to be the future.”Motyka says when researchers first started looking at this back in the 1960s, they thought that isostatic rebound was likely due to the glacial melt which occurred hundreds of years ago. But today, the scientific models suggest it’s also happening now.“Isostatic rebound, in this case, is directly related to climate change,” Motyka said.As the tide moves farther back from places like Sunny Point, property owners like Frank Rue can go through a legal process with the state to essentially claim ownership over these new lands.Normally, the state owns everything up to the ordinary tideline. But with rebound, those tidelines shift.Isostatic rebound in Southeast Alaska is occurring between Yakutat and Sitka, and it’s especially apparent in relatively flat wetlands. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/Alaska’s Energy Desk)Rue points to two stakes with orange flagging that indicate his new property boundary. Together, with his neighbor, he was able to claim roughly nine acres of the new land.But Rue’s not keeping it. He’s selling it to the Southeast Alaska Land Trust, a conservation group that plans to make this new land part of the Mendenhall wetlands.Rue is also a Southeast Alaska Land Trust board member. When he sold his property back to the trust he recused himself from the board.Allison Gillum is the group’s director.“Our long term plan is to re-incorporate them into the refuge and basically preserve the refuge boundary,” Gillum said. “So future landowners can’t continue to take land out of the refuge and make the refuge smaller.”In fact, Gillum says the Mendenhall refuge could become bigger than its original acreage.The land trust has entered into a purchase and sale agreement for 32 acres with Bicknill Inc., whose lands were not originally part of the refuge. Although, that agreement doesn’t include all the company’s property in the area.Separate from that deal, the land trust has also been able to procure over 50 acres that were originally part of the Mendenhall refuge.In a couple of years, pending the approval of the Alaska legislature, all of this wetland could be protected — in some some cases, once again.Frank Rue’s kids might not come back with muddy boots anymore, but he thinks this refuge is still ecologically important for birds and people alike. Even after he’s gone, no one will be able to build here.“That’s was my concern,” Rue said. “I don’t plan to do anything. But I don’t know what the next owner or the next owner after that would do.”But now, all of the homes along Sunny Point will continue to enjoy their view and have protected wetlands as their backyard.last_img read more

19yearold boy tries to enter married lovers flat falls to death from

first_img(Representative image)Johannes Simon/Getty ImagesA 19-year-old boy fell to his death from the ninth floor of an apartment when he tried to enter his lover’s flat through a window. The incident happened in Mumbai on Wednesday, July 10.The dead body of the boy, who was in love with the married woman, was discovered by the watchman of the building at 2:30 am. After investigating the matter, the police concluded that the teenager, who was staying in the 15th floor of the same building, was stealthily trying to meet his lover without his uncle’s knowledge nor the woman’s husband’s.Shaikh, the dead boy, had moved to Mumbai from Bihar and was staying with his uncle in the building near the BYL Nair Hospital. He was working as a lab technician at a private clinic. He had fallen in love with a 24-year-old married woman who stayed with her husband in the same apartment, Times of India reports.The two lovers would meet many times while the woman’s husband was away. However, Shaikh’s uncle had almost caught him once and since then he has been extra cautious. He used to enter the woman’s ninth floor home through a window and later leave through the main door.”He continued meeting his girlfriend but entered the flat through a window, which he accessed from the parapet. He reportedly went to meet her through this route a couple of times,” an officer was quoted as saying by TOI.”When he reached the flat window, he found the woman’s husband at home. He then decided to return home. Since it had been raining for almost two weeks, the parapet had become slippery. All of a sudden he slipped from the ninth floor and landed on the ground floor,” a police officer had said.Shaikh was found by the watchman who was on his way to fill the water tank. He alerted the Agripada police who came and transferred Shaikh to Nair Hospital where he was pronounced dead.The police also took the woman’s statement who had said that she heard a thud when Shaikh fell but did not go to check the source of the sound since her husband was around.The police have filed a case of accidental death.last_img read more

Sunnyside Activists Claim Election Judge Tried To Suppress Voter Outreach

first_img 00:00 /00:47 Share X Listen – / 5Cynthia Pharms said she has advocated for candidates outside the Sunnyside Multi-Service Center for 20 years, but this is the first time an election judge told her she couldn’t be there.“She’s been telling us we cannot push right here on this sidewalk, which is city property,” Pharms said.She called elected officials, including U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and state Sen. Borris Miles.Miles released a statement condemning the election judge, Bonnie Parker, and blaming a Republican effort to suppress Democratic votes in light of a record turnout in Harris County Democratic primary elections.“We knew that in the midst of a national campaign to keep President Trump into office and his cohorts into office, we knew that the Voting Rights Act was under attack,” Miles’ spokesman, Justin Concepcion, said.Assistant Harris County Attorney Douglas Ray visited Sunnyside Friday after receiving complaints.“It was a misunderstanding with the judge that I don’t think has worked at this location before and didn’t understand how this traditionally was done,” he said.The Harris County Clerk’s Office said technically, the 100-feet distance marker for those advocating for candidates and issues would have to be beyond the sidewalk, but they’re making an exception so people don’t have to stand on the street.Sonya Aston, administrator of elections for Harris County, said after talking to Parker, the election judge, campaigners are now also allowed behind a marker on the parking lot of the Sunnyside Multi-Service Center.“The campaign people have now a safer place to go, if they choose to, inside the fence that they didn’t have access to beforehand,” Aston said. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

Sonic Screwdriver Inspires IRL Medical Device

first_img Science fiction blurs the lines between fact and fantasy, creating a world often just out of our reach—until now.Inspired by Doctor Who and Star Trek, physicists at the Australian National University (ANU) designed a handheld gadget to perform chemical analysis of objects.Researchers Marcus Doherty and Michael Barson based their concept on the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver and Starfleet’s tricorder—both used to scan and identify matter and record data.In this case, the prototype uses tiny defects in a diamond to “measure the mass and chemical composition of molecules with advanced quantum techniques,” according to ANU.“Laboratories and hospitals will have the power to do full chemical analyses to solve complex problems with our device that they can afford and move around easily,” Doherty, from the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering, said in a statement.“This device is going to enable many people to use powerful instruments like molecular MRI machines and mass spectrometers much more readily,” he added.Their process, as described in the video above, crams two powerful instruments—MRI machine and mass spectrometer—onto one chip, removing the barrier to access and making it easier to mass-produce.A multifunctional fictional tool, the sonic screwdriver made its debut in 1968 in the Second Doctor’s “Fury from the Deep” serial; it was popularized by the Third and Fourth Doctors, and eventually written out of the show in 1982.After a cameo in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, the gizmo made a full return in the 2005 revamp. The Twelfth Doctor briefly replaced the hand-held gadget with a pair of (dopey) sonic glasses, but was gifted a new screwdriver from the TARDIS.Any true Whovian owns a plastic model of their favorite Doctor’s sonic model (and occasionally wields it in a moment of frenzy). But ANU’s diamond-based quantum device may actually save lives.“Our invention will help solve many complex problems in a wide range of areas, including medical, environmental, and biosecurity research,” according to Doherty.Stream all of Doctor Who now for free with your Amazon Prime membership. Stay on target HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster last_img read more

Three held for blackmailing minor over objectionable pics

first_imgKolkata: Three persons, including a woman, were arrested by Tala police station on Thursday night, on charges of blackmailing a woman with some of her objectionable pictures. The victim, who was bent upon joining the profession of modelling, was lured by the trio to click such photographs.The three accused are Arunangshu Ghosh alias Saheb, Rituparna Saha and Jayabrata Roy. Police sources informed that Jayabrata owns a dance school at Nilmani Mitra Lane in Tala area. The 16-year-old victim used to attend classes at the school. It was on April 17 when Jayabrata, along with two of his friends, lured her to take some objectionable pictures on the pretext of shooting for an advertisement. They also allegedly touched her private parts while taking the photographs. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThe victim went back home and after some days, she was called again by the trio. When she refused to go, they started blackmailing her and threatened of circulating the photographs on social media.The girl then informed her uncle and then the trio started blackmailing the latter too. The victim lodged a complaint on April 21, following which the three were arrested. They were produced at Sealdah Court on Friday and were remanded to 14 days judicial custody.last_img read more

China rounds up rights lawyers in latest crackdown

first_imgAuthorities say these lawyers have strayed far beyond their professional role into illegal activism aimed at sabotaging the country’s legal system. The lawyers maintain their methods are merely to hold authorities to account and ensure that the letter of China’s laws is upheld.Since late May, police across China have detained and called in at least 215 rights lawyers and social activists, most of them during the past week or so. State propaganda has kicked into high gear to denounce them as rabble-rousers, criminal gangs, profit-seeking opportunists.Some even face the severe charge of inciting to overthrow state power.Foreign governments and human rights groups have condemned the crackdown, seeing it as Beijing’s iron-fisted response under President Xi Jinping to any growth of civil society that could challenge the Communist Party’s authoritarian rule. It also shows that the rights lawyers have gained enough influence with the public to make Beijing uneasy, joining outspoken bloggers and activist movements in drawing crackdowns since Xi came to power in 2012.“They are the most important and active force in China’s pursuit of political democracy,” said Teng Biao, a visiting scholar studying China’s law and human rights issues at Harvard University and New York University. “The public support for them is growing. They have the abilities to organize, to effectively make political appeals and to take action, and they are seen by the authorities as a threat to their political security.” Comments   Share   “The odds are stacked so much against them that they have no choice left but to go to the public,” Pils said.Rights lawyers have found themselves barred from meetings with their clients, and rebuffed in attempts to throw out confessions obtained through torture. When they get thwarted in court, they take to the street.“They are using these methods to say the government is not following the law and to put pressure on the government,” Pils said.Along the way, the lawyers have become a rallying point for social activists, people with grievances and those facing persecution — forming a formidable force that has alarmed the authorities.In early May, they managed to raise doubts when a police officer fatally shot an unarmed but irate farmer inside a train station in northeastern China.Grassroots activist Wu Gan was able to obtain an independent video clip showing the police officer beating the man, raising questions whether the police officer had unnecessarily provoked him. Authorities later were forced to release additional security footage showing the man becoming violent and out of control, though public doubts about the incident lingered.This loose alliance also has pooled and raised money to pay for costs of activism, such as transportation, and in some cases to subsidize the lives of people who have been persecuted. Wu himself was employed by the Beijing-based Fengrui law firm. Both Wu and many of Fengrui’s lawyers have been arrested in the crackdown. 5 ways to recognize low testosterone New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies BEIJING (AP) — Four men already had been convicted of murder in southeastern China when a fifth person confessed to the crime. But when lawyers demanded to review case documents to clear the men’s names, the court stonewalled. So the lawyers unfurled banners outside the venue.They protested for days, alongside social activists who insulted the top judge, and uploaded pictures online.The incident in the southeastern province of Jiangxi in May appears to have been one of the last straws ahead of a broad crackdown by China’s Public Security Ministry on a category of lawyers who have come to be known as “rights defenders.” Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Parents, stop beating yourself up Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility In this Friday, July 17, 2015 photo, a delivery cart and cyclist ride past a building housing the Fengrui law firm in Beijing. Since late May, police across China have detained and called in at least 215 rights lawyers and social activists, including many of Fengrui’s lawyers. State propaganda has kicked into high gear to denounce them as rabble-rousers, criminal gangs, and profit-seeking opportunists. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, File) In the 1990s, only a handful of Chinese lawyers were gutsy enough to challenge authorities by representing clients persecuted by the government, such as practitioners of the banned spiritual group Falun Gong. These lawyers, who believed in individual rights and insisted that the law must be obeyed, attracted public attention in the early 2000 with several public interest cases. A regional news magazine highlighted 14 of them in 2005.Their ensuing growth in number coincided with the rapid rise of social media, which have facilitated bonding among like-minded lawyers across the country. Through online communication tools, they have found camaraderie and mutual support. They share experiences and collaborate on major cases, as they grapple with hostility and obstruction from authorities.Occasionally some of them were arrested, but the group of rights defense lawyers continued to grow to about 200 to 300, just before the crackdown.“They are a bit different from other lawyers in that they are willing to confront the state over cases deemed sensitive,” said Eva Pils, a legal scholar at the King’s College London who follows Chinese lawyers closely.They are among the most vocal attorneys in China’s social media, seeking public support both as leverage to improve the legal climate and as an insurance of their own protection. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Four benefits of having a wireless security system Wu joined them and called the chief of the provincial high court a rogue and planned a mock funeral ritual for him. Wu later was arrested on the charges of provoking troubles and, far more seriously, inciting to overthrow the government. State media have denounced his methods as insulting and illegal, though Wu has insisted they are nonviolent and within legal boundaries.Barely two months later, the law firm he worked for was raided by police, and its key attorneys were taken away on suspicion of running a major criminal gang.“The state media’s ‘expose’ on the lawyers is meant not only to discredit one law firm or its lawyers — it is meant to smear the mode of operations of an entire rights defense movement, one that has been used rather successfully for years to make the government somewhat more accountable,” said Maya Wang, a researcher for Human Rights Watch.___This story corrects the number of rights lawyers before the crackdown.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories Sponsored Stories Authorities argue that the financial backing has created a professional class of rabble-rousers for whom the details of a legal case take a back seat to creating publicity and causing trouble.“For some people, this is their livelihood,” according to a June report by the official Xinhua News Agency. “Regardless of the facts of any given case, they always travel to voice support and spread the information via overseas websites. Their purpose is to create some international influence to put pressure on local governments and to interfere with the legal process.”Following the police shooting, Wu turned his attention to the high court of Jiangxi, where the five lawyers were demanding to review court dockets of the murder case but got stonewalled.The lawyers — not members of Fengrui — were representing four men they believe were wrongfully convicted of murder in the May 2000 deaths of a convenience store owner and an accompanying woman. In 2012, a fifth man confessed to the crime, yet the court has not made any move to review the case.When the lawyers traveled to Jiangxi in May, they were denied access. For days they protested and uploaded photos of their demonstrations. They unfurled banners and held a candle vigil to deplore what they called judicial wrongdoing.last_img read more

Las Vegas reaches 40 million visitors for 2014

first_imgLas Vegas has reached a historic milestone, exceeding 40 million visitors for the first time, and yet the tourism industry in Southern Nevada continues to expand.This year has been a strong year for Las Vegas, achieving ten consecutive months of visitor volume increases, with many of those months being the best on record.The “Entertainment Capital of the World” has surpassed its record for annual visitation, drawing more than 40 million people with two weeks remaining of the calendar year.Current pacing suggests the destination could approach nearly 41 million visitors by the end of the year, with the previous record was set in 2012 with more than 39,727,000 tourists.Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority president and CEO Rossi Ralenkotter, said that Las Vegas couldn’t have reached this milestone without the continued investments of partners.“Ongoing developments in the destination, including new, renovated and rebranded resort properties, exciting new attractions, world-class entertainment, incredible culinary offerings and more are what keep first-time visitors and loyalists returning to Las Vegas time and time again,” Mr Ralenkotter said.Las Vegas has seen an increase in direct international air service in 2014 with Canada and Mexico proving to be instrumental to visitation growth.Tourism plays a vital role in the economy of Southern Nevada and the Las Vegas Valley generating more than USD$45 billion annually and supporting 376,000 local jobs.To celebrate the 40 million visitor milestone, as only Las Vegas can, the destination created a series of priceless, ‘Only in Vegas’ experiences and surprised unsuspecting visitors with Las Vegas entertainers.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

June Housing Starts Rise to Highest Level Since 2008

first_imgJune Housing Starts Rise to Highest Level Since 2008 in Data, Government, Origination Share Housing starts in June soared to their highest level since October 2008, surging 6.9 percent to 760,000, the “”Census Bureau””: and “”HUD””: reported jointly Wednesday.[IMAGE]Housing permits dropped 3.7 percent to 755,000 giving back half of May’s gain.At the same time, permits for May were revised up to 784,000 from the originally reported 780,000 and housing starts were revised up for both April and May, to 747,000 and 711,000 respectively from 744,000 and 708,000.Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expected 745,000 starts and 775,000 permits in JuneTotal housing completions in June rose to 622,000, a 2.6 percent increase from May’s upwardly revised 606,000.Even with the decline in permits, the housing data point to steadily improving residential construction activity. Starts have averaged 727,000 in the first six months of 2012 compared with 578,000 in the first six months of 2011, a 25.8 percent jump. For all of 2012 starts averaged 612,000 per month.Permits too have surged: an average of 737,000 per month in the first six months of this year, up 25.3 percent from the average of 588,000 for the same period last year.Completions too are up, averaging 599,000 for the first six months of this year, 5.8 percent[COLUMN_BREAK]of the 566,000 for the first six months of 2011.Single-family activity led the increase in starts, up 4.7 percent in June to 539,000 ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô the highest level since April 2010. Single-family starts have increased for four straight months and seven times in the last nine months.Multi-family (five or more units) activity accounted for most of the drop in permits, down 31,000 from May while permits for single family homes increased by 3,000. (The balance of the 29,000 month-month decline was a dip in permits for 2-4 unit homes.)Of the housing completions, builders completed 470,000 single-family homes in June, a 1.3 percent increase from the 464,000 completed in May, compared with 369,000 new home sales reported for May. With the month-over-month gain, total starts in June are up 23.6 percent from June 2011, the tenth straight month of year-over-year improvement. Permits, despite the month-over-month decline, are up 19.3 percent from year earlier activity, the fourteenth straight month of year-over-year gains. Total completions in June were up 7.2 percent from last year.The census data covered the same month for which the “”National Association of Home Builders””: reported builder confidence ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô measured by the Housing Market Index ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô rose to 29 (out of 100) from 28. Any HMI reading below 50 is considered to signal a contraction. Builder confidence for July as reported Tuesday by NAHB rose to 35, the highest level since March 2007.The national increase in starts ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô 49,000 ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô was led by a gain of 59,000 in the West and 14,000 in the Northeast, offsetting declines of 16,000 in the South and 8,000 in the Midwest.Permits fell month-over-month in three of the four Census regions, improving only in the West where filings rose 5,000 to 180,000. Permits were flat in the Northeast, fell 33,000 in the South and 1,000 in the Midwest.center_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Census Bureau Homebuilders Housing Permits Housing Starts HUD Investors Lenders & Servicers Service Providers 2012-07-18 Mark Lieberman July 18, 2012 404 Views last_img read more

CorsicaJoy DoddsMediterranean Musings

first_imgCorsicaJoy DoddsMediterranean Musings Near our cliff-top hotel is a square with a monument brought back by the French Foreign Legionnaires in 1963, another example of the town’s history which straddles so many centuries.Hotel Genovese stands in an exquisite location in the Quartiere de la Citadelle, with 180-degree vistas of the water below. Recently renovated with style and aplomb, it offers everything from state-of-the-art suites and balconies outlooking the harbour to a magnificent pool area surrounded by a medieval stone wall. Bliss! And to add to the appeal, the hotel cats languish on couches, roam on the terracotta roof tiles (or are they on guard against pirates??) and explore the garden terraces in the pool area, representative of this oh-so-laid-back sanctuary.The Office de Tourisme, located in Rue Scamaroni, named after a Resistance hero, is adjacent to an ancient steep walkway, the Patrol Path or Chemin de Ronde. This medieval promenade of the ramparts lies in the heart of the Old Town upper city, and leads both down to the waterfront as well as to the Marine Cemetery at the far end of the Promontory overlooking the Straits of Bonifacio.Medieval history is everywhere, including the arsenal built in 1492 at the site of the Saint-Laurent Chapel built by the Knights Templars during the Crusades. Today it is the site for the weekly local market. Another 12th century chapel of Saint-Jacques is today an auditorium for local events and cultural exhibitions. Yesteryear and today, blending seamlessly, a la Bonifacio.View from Hotel Genovese, out to the Haute Ville and overlooking marina.The city’s shops sell an interesting collection of fashion and household goods, from those with a nautical flavour to casual bags and gear, and even specialised knives and cutlasses – perhaps from those heady pirate days!While Ajaccio may be the capital of Corsica, without a doubt its Picturesque Capital is the historic town at the extreme south of “The Island of Beauty”, a true open-air museum. Beyond the town lie 20 finely-sanded beaches and rare landscapes with protected national parks on land and sea. The waters off the island are a yachtie’s dream, not to mention larger cruise ships that populate the Mediterranean during the warmer months.The writer enjoying local seafoodTake a tip and visit places like Bonifacio and Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda during the spring and autumn before the hungry tourist hordes materialise and when the locals are relaxed and super-friendly, emitting that warm Mediterranean charm before the high season commences “en force”. Read Joy Dodds’ Mediterranean Musings Part 1 and Part 2. Nothing on Earth can prepare the eyes for the entry by sea into Corsica’s Bonifacio harbour. Towering white cliffs, reminiscent of those at England’s Dover, are in this case topped with medieval stone walls, bastions and fortifications, arising dramatically out of the Straits of Bonifacio.Approach of ferry from Sardinia into BonifacioThis stunning medieval vista atop limestone cliffs is suddenly interrupted by our landing at the maritime terminal, where a string of up-market restaurants, wine bars and perky boutiques spread out along Quai Comparetti. Nearby Two Emperors’ Street commemorates the visits of both Bonaparte and Charles V and dates back to ancient times when the Republic of Genoa ruled Corsica. The nearby Genoa Gate features a drawbridge built in 1830, when French domination commenced.Notwithstanding the beauty of the water’s edge and its buildings, without a doubt the jewel of Bonifacio is its Haute Ville in the Old Town. One of its most ancient buildings is the Torrione, built in 1484 as a fortification and originally erected on the Casteletto built by Boniface, Marquis of Tuscany in the 9th century, and who gave his name to the town. Nearby is Escalier du Roy d’Aragon, the Stairway of the King of Aragon, sculpted steeply into the cliffs. Legend has it that the 187 steps were built overnight during a siege in 1420.last_img read more

Treeplanting initiative seeks volunteers

first_imgThe non-profit organisation GreenCyprusCom, with the support of the forestry department, has announced its first major tree-planting event, inviting all interested volunteers to participate in the initiative.The event will be held on the weekend of March 11-12 from 9am to 4pm during which 1,000 trees will be planted at a pre-selected location. The aim is over time, to plant 20,000 trees.Those who would like to participate are invited to visit the website, select a date and time, send an application and join the group of volunteers.Volunteers can also join the project by donating to the cause through the website.“Centuries ago, Cyprus used to be known as the ‘green island’, with more than a half of its territory being covered with forests. Unfortunately, due to various external factors including three major devastating forest fires – in 1924, 1956 and 1974 – almost 400 square kilometres of forest greenery were lost, and as a result today the green forest area or Cyprus covers no more than 25 per cent of the island’s territory,” said a statement from the NGO.“In an attempt to actively assist in the restoration and preservation of Cyprus’ ecosystem, GreenCyprusCom has made it its mission to organise regular reforestation events, bringing together people who care about nature and are committed to reviving the island’s greenery. The goal of the organisation is to plant more than 20,000 trees in the coming years, as well as to maintain and develop the forest areas in the long term.”Entrepreneur and philanthropist German Lillevyali, who is one of the benefactors of the initiative, said: “I strongly support the idea to plant more than twenty thousand trees over the next years to restore and preserve the natural beauty of Cyprus for future generations. And I am happy to make my input into making Cyprus greener, especially after the recent devastating fires that have destroyed beautiful parts of the island”.You May LikeHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsThe Early Signs Of Heart Failure. Search Acute Heart Failure TreatmentHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today – See For Yourself!Yahoo SearchUndoSenior Living | Search AdsThe Cost of Senior Living in Rowland Heights Might Surprise YouSenior Living | Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more