University Registrar plans Commencement Ceremony

first_imgThe University’s 173rd Commencement ceremony will take place in Notre Dame Stadium on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. with 16 other diploma ceremonies to follow that afternoon at 2 p.m.Chuck Hurley, the University registrar, said there will be 20 different ceremonies this weekend between the undergraduate, graduate and University ceremonies along with the Commencement Mass.Dominique DeMoe | The Observer “3,096 total diplomas will be awarded, with 2,066 undergraduates, and 1,030 graduate diplomas given,” Hurley said.Commencement was first moved to the Notre Dame stadium in 2010, Hurley said.“The ceremony was in the stadium in the 1950s and then for a couple years in the ’60s. … In the late 1960s they moved it to the Joyce Center,” Hurley said. “It was in the Joyce Center from then until 2009, and after 2009 we moved to the stadium because it was just so many folks wanting to attend Commencement.”Hurley said having the main ceremony in the stadium allows students to invite as many family members and guests as needed.“A couple of years ago we had a student who was the first person in her family to graduate from college and she brought 90 family members to Commencement. So that was wonderful to be able to accommodate people in that way,” Hurley said.While hosting graduation in Notre Dame Stadium has its benefits, there are certain downsides to hosting commencement outside, Hurley said.“The complexity of the stadium of course is that we are outdoors and we are subject to weather,” Hurley said. “So, we can run into a situation where we have to move inside to Purcell Pavilion if severe weather approaches, and then we are limited again in tickets. We do have ponchos for our graduates if it’s raining and we do remain in the stadium if it’s a light to moderate rain … umbrellas are allowed for guests if needed, but it’s going to be a bright day.”This year’s ceremonies will be the first to utilize the buildings from the Campus Crossroads project, which opened in January 2018.“Some of the 2 p.m. diploma ceremonies will take place in Crossroads facilities — one in Corbett Family Hall and two in Duncan Student Center,” Hurley said. “That’s a big advantage simply because we can keep people for those afternoon ceremonies close to the stadium. It really helps out with our guests in particular with mobility issues because we don’t have to have them go as far.”This year, the Commencement address will be given by Brazilian judge Sérgio Moro.Hurley said he advises guests to arrive at the stadium anytime between 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., but preferably earlier.“The last two years we had Secret Service because we had Vice President [Joe] Biden and then Vice President [Mike] Pence,” Hurley said. “There’s no secret service this year so we just don’t have that element. The gates open at 8 a.m. commencement morning, and we do show a number of videos in the stadium prior to the procession that feature our graduating students, so I think it’s best to arrive as early as possible because then you get to see all the videos and graduating seniors.”Tags: 2018 Commencement, Commencement 2018, Commencement ceremony, Commencement Issue 2018, Notre Dame Stadium, University Registrarlast_img read more

NDPD warns community about burglary

first_imgA burglary in Legacy Village at Notre Dame Apartments on Monday morning was reported to the Notre Dame Police Department (NDPD), NDPD announced in an email to the Notre Dame community Monday evening.The suspect entered the apartment — about four blocks east of Notre Dame’s campus — through a window or a service entrance while residents of the apartment slept, the email said. The suspect was described as “a man, approximately 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a medium build, wearing dark clothing.”Anyone with information on the break-in should contact the Saint Joseph County Police Department, the email said. “The Notre Dame Police Department has been in contact with our partners at the Saint Joseph County Police Department about this incident, and we will continue to work together for the safety of our communities,” the email said.The email offered several tactics for community members to protect themselves from theft, including installing a security system, locking all doors and windows, stashing valuables in a safe location, closing the blinds and avoiding posting one’s location on social media, among others. Tags: burglary, NDPD, Notre Dame Apartments, residential entrylast_img read more

Assemblyman Murray Rips Dream Act Bill, Slams Cuomo

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York New York State Assemb. Dean Murray (R-East Patchogue) slammed the Dream Act that, if passed, would help children of undocumented immigrants get college scholarships and ripped Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a speech he gave Monday at the Conservative Party Political Action Conference (CPPAC) in Albany.“Through liberal agendas and ideas like the Dream Act, where some would like to actually use taxpayer dollars to fund college education for illegal immigrants while denying those funds to the children of law-abiding, tax-paying, legal citizens we continue to move toward punishing those that do it right,” said Murray. “This makes no sense. Just last year, the governor floated the idea of giving a taxpayer-funded college education to prison inmates.”The prison proposal Murray took issue with didn’t pass last year and wasn’t re-introduced in this year’s budget proposal. The proposal was based on research that has shown that prisoners that spend their incarceration being educated are less likely to become recidivists, according to a 2013 study by the RAND Corporation and the Department of Justice. As for his chief gripe, the Long Island Dream Act Coalition has argued that this bill would grant “equal access to state-funded financial aid” for undocumented students at public colleges.Speaking in Albany, Murray deplored the Democratic governor’s policies for ignoring “thousands of hardworking, law-abiding citizens going into debt to send their kids to college or, worse, kids graduating with mounds of debt and no jobs to show for it.“We are sending the wrong message and rewarding the wrong people,” Murray told the conservative crowd. “How does anyone expect to get any kind of meaningful immigration reform if we give taxpayer-funded incentives for those that come here illegally? How do we expect to reduce crime when we reward criminals? We must change the mentality and change the discussion.”After a request from the Press, a spokesman for the newly elected Assemblyman clarified that Murray was not referring to “the children of illegal immigrants as criminals.”The keynote speech at the Conservative Party’s conference was delivered by Carly Fiorina, the former chairwoman and chief executive officer of Hewlett Packard who spent almost $7 million in 2010 on a losing campaign to unseat U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.). Fiorina, who has been making appearances at political gatherings across the country recently,  is currently considered the “dark horse” candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, according to Fox News. She and her husband Frank reportedly have a combined net worth of between $30 million and $120 million. When Hewlett Packard’s board forced her out in 2005, she was reportedly given a $21 million “golden handshake.”  She had laid off 18,000 workers in 2003.Murray, an advertising company owner, initially won his Assembly seat in a 2010 special election and was re-elected the following year. Then in 2012 he lost by 226 votes to Edward Hennessey, a lawyer and former Brookhaven town councilman, but he took back the seat in last November’s election by a margin of 526 votes after absentee and other paper ballots were counted. Barely 29 percent of the 78,195 registered voters in the 3rd Assembly district turned out to vote, nearly the lowest turnout in decades.During his race, one of Murray’s GOP campaign workers had put a GPS tracking device on Hennessy’s car, trying to prove he didn’t reside in the district and therefore couldn’t run. The move has since led to legislation outlawing private citizens from using GPS trackers without the vehicle owner’s permission in Suffolk County, after a bill sponsored by Suffolk County Legis. Kate Browning (WF-Shirley) passed unanimously last week.Since returning to Albany, Murray hasn’t proposed any legislation to help address the high cost of college tuition in New York State, but his aide said the session is still early and the Assemblyman may yet look into it.last_img read more

Broome County officials take oath of office to kick off 2020

first_imgWith her dream now becoming a reality, Jackson says she is ready to continue revitalization efforts for the village and increase security. (WBNG) – Broome County started off the new year with new leadership in several key roles. “It’s so exciting. I can’t tell you, when I got to put my name on the door it was a feeling. I drive through Endicott and I think, ‘I’m the mayor of this wonderful place.’ I’m just so excited, and the people are the most important part. I get to be mayor and I get to help everybody,” said Jackson. “We’re going to work on security and safety first. Get our cameras up on the avenue, get cameras in other strategic places. Make it safe so that people won’t mind going out at night in the village of Endicott,” said Jackson. “This was a very, very long journey but I have a lot of great people supporting me and I’m ready to get to work and serve the people of Broome County as their district attorney,” said Korchak. At the ceremony, he thanked his supporters, many of whom came to watch the historic moment at Saint Michael’s Gym on Clinton Street. “When we were able to make the switch to the Libertarian Party, many of my supporters came along with me because we’ve been stressing from day one, the D.A.’s office isn’t a political office, you’re serving the community. There should be no politics involved so that way you’re voting for person not party,” said Korchak. While over in Endicott, Republican and former village trustee Linda Jackson was sworn in as the village’s first new mayor in 12 years.center_img The newest leadership across the county says they are hoping to start the new decade strong for all residents. After losing the Republican Primary in June, Korchak switched to the Libertarian ticket and won the title by a narrow margin. She will be replacing longtime mayor John Bertoni. After a hard fought victory in November, Korchak says he is grateful to serve this community. Recently elected Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak and Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson were among the several swearing in ceremonies happening across the county New Year’s day. Several village trustees also swore into office Wednesday, including Endicott Democratic Trustee Cheryl Chapman, who will serve as Deputy Mayor.last_img read more

Experts to discuss swine flu vaccine decision May 14

first_img See also: “We are well aware and are not hiding the fact that manufacturers have agreements with a number of governments to provide access to a vaccine,” she said. “We are discussing with the manufacturers where they are in terms of filling up their books . . . and what may still be available. Some vaccine may still be available in the early weeks or months of production.” The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other WHO collaborating centers are developing seed strains of virus for use in H1N1 vaccines. “We expect these will be available to manufacturers most likely in the second half of May,” Kieny said. The decision whether to recommend production will depend on the accumulating epidemiologic evidence about the virus, including how much of the population is likely to get sick and how severe the illness is, she said. And if the recommendation is made, it will be up to the manufacturers to decide whether to go ahead. WHO press briefings on swine flu The officials will discuss the potential procurement by agencies such as the United Nations Children’s Fund and the Pan American Health Organization of vaccine for developing countries, she said. “The decision is not that of WHO; the decision will be the manufacturers’ to take,” she said. In other comments, Kieny reported that the WHO director-general and the secretary-general of the United Nations will meet with vaccine company executives on May 19 to discuss how to ensure “equitable access for all countries” to any H1N1 vaccine. Last week Kieny said some of the vaccine manufacturers had completed about 60% of their production of the seasonal flu vaccine and that WHO officials were talking with them about the best time to switch from making seasonal vaccine to a swine flu vaccine. Kieny was asked if any vaccine would be available for poor countries, given that a number of governments have contracts with manufacturers for large amounts of any pandemic vaccine produced. In addition, no one yet knows what size dose will be necessary, whether an adjuvant will be needed, and whether each person will need one dose or two, Kieny reported. “Being conservative, we think there’ll be at least between 1 and 2 billion doses,” she said. May 6, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – The World Health Organization (WHO) will convene a group of experts May 14 to advise the agency on whether to pull the trigger on production of a vaccine for the novel H1N1 swine influenza virus, a WHO official announced today. Kieny also acknowledged that multiple unknowns will govern how many doses can be produced and how many will be needed. For one thing, most of the vaccine will have to be grown in eggs—cell-based flu vaccine production is not mature enough to make much of a contribution—and no one knows how well the vaccine virus will grow in eggs, she said.center_img May 1 CIDRAP News story “Path to swine flu vaccine has major hurdles” Kieny offered an estimate today of global capacity to make a vaccine for the novel virus: somewhere between 1 billion and 2 billion doses in a year, based on an estimated seasonal vaccine capacity of about 900 million doses. Current world population is more than 6 billion. “It’s not at all that we’re hiding anything,” she said. “The reason nobody is answering this is that we don’t know.” For some vaccine makers, that would mean curtailing production of the seasonal flu vaccine for the northern hemisphere, since not all manufacturers have finished production. A WHO recommendation to do that could come in a few weeks, Kieny said. Kieny said “the vast majority” of manufacturers would need 5 to 6 months (from the identification of the virus) to begin producing a vaccine in quantity, but a few manufacturers might be able to start providing vaccine in as little as 4 months. “It will be a high-level meeting appealing for corporate responsibility and equitable access,” she said. In response to further questions, Kieny said she didn’t know “with any kind of precision” what fraction of potential pandemic vaccine production is already reserved. The experts will be asked if there’s enough evidence to warrant a WHO recommendation for manufacturers to start large-scale manufacturing of a vaccine for the new virus, said Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, director of the WHO’s Initiative for Vaccine Research, in a news teleconference in Geneva. She acknowledged that she previously mentioned an estimate of 700 million doses for seasonal vaccine production. She explained that the 900 million estimate is based on manufacturers’ figures and added that vaccine plants are under construction in several countries, increasing capacity month by month. It’s generally understood that with novel flu viruses, to which people have little or no immunity, two doses of vaccine may well be necessary. That’s true of H5N1 avian influenza vaccines, Kieny noted, but she said, “We hope that one dose will be sufficient [for the swine flu virus]. Before we know that, it’s very difficult to say how many doses will be available.” She added that most vaccine makers “still have some window of opportunity in their orders, and we want to make sure we don’t wait until that window is completely closed.” “What we’ve recommended for the timing at present was for all manufacturers to put everything in place to be able to start manufacturing vaccine,” she said. In response to questions today, she said some manufacturers might be able to make seasonal and swine flu vaccines at the same time, using different production facilities. “You can’t make two vaccines in the same plant at the same time,” but some companies have more than one facility, she commented.last_img read more

Kate Hawkesby: Cannabis referendum – be careful about what and who you are voting for

first_imgNZ Herald 18 July 2019Family First Comment: Well said by Kate Hawkesby..“…But the real danger with decriminalisation is what happens to cannabis production in terms of psychoactive properties. Colorado’s experience is that there’s a spike in these – and that in turn has a dramatic impact on mental health problems.”#saynopetodopeVoteNO.nzI see a secondary school headmaster is the latest to come out swinging against the cannabis referendum.Kieran Fouhy, from St Paul’s College in Ponsonby, believes legalising cannabis when New Zealand already has an issue with alcohol is just asking for trouble. He thinks young people already have enough to contend with.His main concern is younger people won’t respect the age restrictions, they’ll simply access cannabis from older friends.He said: “When you legalise it, you normalise it.”And he doesn’t buy into the Government’s line that it’s a health issue, or that decriminalising it will take it out of the hands of gangs.And I agree, it won’t.I spoke to Colorado’s executive director of the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association, Jo McGuire, a couple of months ago and asked her about whether legalisation had shut down the black market there. She said it didn’t – in fact it exploded it.And the thing about black market cannabis is that it’s higher in THC.Since legalisation there, and bear in mind they are years into this experiment, there’s been a sharp increase in the black market and one of the reasons is personal cultivation in people’s own homes.On top of that, you’ve got the regulatory market struggling to control limits on production, so they over-produce – which also feeds the black market.So not only do people bypass the rules anyway, but you also have other people coming in and monetising the excess. Hence you get a thriving black market, irrespective of regulation.Tax-wise, Colorado’s experience is that for every tax dollar that comes in, they’re spending $4.50.Youth use has increased. One in four employees self-report that they go to work stoned.In essence, Colorado’s still waiting to see any benefits from legalisation, McGuire said.  (behind paywall)Keep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

Public health workers to get special risk allowance

first_img For medical workers to avail of the grant, they should either be civilian employees under regular, contractual, casual, or part-time positions; workers engaged through job order; and barangay health workers regardless of the nature of engagements and have been assigned to health care facilities. Under his Administrative Order 28, Duterte has ordered the granting of a one-time COVID-19 special risk allowance, equivalent to a maximum of 25 percent monthly basic pay, to public health workers during the period of the enhanced community quarantine. MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday issued an administrative order granting a special allowance to frontline public health workers who were exposed to health risks in light of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. “There is a need to recognize the heroic and invaluable contributions of our public health workers throughout the country, who bravely and unselfishly risk their lives and health by being at the forefront of the national effort to address the public health emergency,” Duterte said./PN The allowance grant will be pro-rated based on the number of days that the public health workers physically reported for work during the period of the enhanced community quarantine.center_img Those who were present at work for three to seven days will get 25 percent of the incentive, 50 percent to those who worked for eight to 12 days, 75 percent for 13 to 17 days, and 100 percent incentive for those who worked for 18 or more days Consultants, laborers engaged through job contracts, student workers, apprentices, and those not assigned in hospitals and healthcare facilities may not avail of the grant. Hospital frontliners wear personal protective equipment as they man the entrance of the emergency room in the Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center in Tondo, Manila on March 24, 2020. ABS-CBN NEWS The public health workers were the medical, allied medical and other personnel assigned in hospitals and healthcare facilities directly catering to or in contact with COVID-19 patients, persons under investigation or persons under monitoring.last_img read more

Bulldogs MS Football Teams Split With Golden Bears

first_imgThe 7th grade Bulldogs lost to Shelbyville 22 – 8.Batesville scored their lone touchdown on a 31 yard pass from Seth Gausman to Johnny Deal. Jacob Cruse ran in the 2 point conversion to tie the game up at 8 – 8.Drew Kiefer and Carson Fulton had good games for the defense.The Bulldogs won the 8th grade contest by the score of 24-0.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Tony Gausman and Mr. Bill Hisrich.last_img

Margaret Eileen Veatch

first_imgMargaret Eileen Veatch, age 89, of Osgood passed away on June 1, 2020 at Decatur County Memorial Hospital. Margaret was born on September 7, 1930 the daughter of the late John and Zella Shuy.  She grew up and attended school in central Ohio.She would meet and marry Dean Veatch on April 13, 1952 in New Castle, Ohio.  They would be blessed with 2 daughters Marsha and Denise.  She worked at the Coshocton REMC for over 20 years before selling real estate.  In the early 1970’s Dean’s work career would see them move to the Osgood community.Margaret remained at home and raised their children.  She became a strong and faithful member of the Osgood United Methodist Church.  She was also a 50 year plus member of the Eastern Stars.  Margaret was also a member of Tri Kappa.  She enjoyed doing needlepoint and playing the piano.  Dean and she enjoyed traveling prior to his death.Margaret is survived by daughter Denise (Jack) Schuerman of Osgood, grandchildren; Josh Bittinger of Indianapolis, Tara (Dustin Castaleo) Schuerman of Connecticut, Matt (Erin) Schuerman of Osgood, and great grandchildren Charlotte, Elijah, Ira and Dean.  She was preceded in death by husband Dean, daughter Marsha Bittinger, her parents, and sister Marian Warner.Graveside funeral services for family and friends, will be held on Thursday June 4, 2020 at 10:00 am. at Greendale Cemetery outside of Osgood.  Memorials may be given to the Osgood United Methodist Church in care of Neals Funeral Home.  Online condolences can be placed at Nealsfuneralhome.netlast_img read more

Vokes close to Burnley return

first_img Vokes has played two full development squad games in recent weeks and, with another pencilled in on Monday against Blackpool, his return appears imminent. “Vokesy is on his way back,” said Dyche, whose men face Tottenham this weekend. “He got another 90 minutes in the other day so he’s right at the end of his transition back into the main first-team squad. We’re really pleased with that and he’s pleased with that. “In the grand scheme of things he’s not had four full games. If you’d finished one season and gone into the next you roughly have a three-month window and during that transition back into playing again you probably have a 45, 75 and minimum of three 90 minutes. That’s with normal shut-down. “He’s had eight and a half months out and we’ve got to be mindful of that when you’re talking about true fitness and true ability to play in the first team. “He’s going well, he’s feeling good and we’re really happy with that at this stage. He’s getting closer.” After a lengthy nine-month absence, Dyche completely understands that Vokes is itching to be involved in first-team affairs again as soon as possible. “It’s a long haul,” said the ex-Watford manager. “I had a few long-term injuries and it’s difficult. You want to be involved all of the time and you know you can’t be. “There’s a lot of individual work, a lot of loneliness . Luckily here, because of the environment we’ve got, you’re almost stumbling across people. “He’s never felt like he’s not involved in it because there’s always some of the players around, the staff around. “But true involvement is playing and I’m pleased for him that he’s back – at least playing – and now it’s moving on to the first team.” However, there is certainly no guarantee Vokes picks up where he left off alongside England Under-21 international Ings in Burnley’s attack. Ashley Barnes’ goal against Southampton last time out moved the east Lancashire club out of the bottom three and was also the second time this season he has grabbed an important winner. Dyche, though, welcomes having such selection headaches. “That’s a dilemma any manager wants,” he conceded. “A lot was made about the financial side but we wanted a group that was demanding of each other with real true competition. I feel we’ve definitely got that. “Where it can take us, we’ll see. But we like the demand that’s in the group and Vokesy will only add to that.” The 25-year-old Wales international was pivotal in last season’s promotion, scoring 21 goals, but has been sidelined since March after rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee against Leicester. Clarets manager Dyche has so far been unable to pair Vokes with Danny Ings, a partnership which yielded 47 goals for him last year, but that day could come around the festive period. Burnley striker Sam Vokes is inching ever closer to a first-team Christmas comeback, boss Sean Dyche has said. Press Associationlast_img read more